80s and 90s: Best Years for Cartoon History

It is quite normal to witness people from older generations talking about great things they have seen on their television and same goes with us, we also like to talk about the shows which we have seen during 80s and 90s and have been proud to be a part of it. For me 80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History, when some of the most interesting cartoons were produced and I still enjoy watching these cartoons online which are now not telecasted on television. The cartoons shown these days cannot be compared to ones telecasted earlier and there are various reasons behind the same which has been discussed below. And that’s how retro cartoons were awesome and still can entertain people as well.

80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History8

80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History

The shows were based on movies:
Disney had access to various characters which were animated and have already been produced in movies.

  • These shows were based on famous films which had action, comedy and animation within it.
  • The shows were telecasted for around 30 minutes on television and whole movie was covered in many shows.
  • Cartoon shows were quite kids friendly and this is the reason why every kid used to enjoy those shows aired on TV.

80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History1

The animations were chosen to give life to the animated character and good use of colours was made to catch eyes of the viewers.

  • In comparison to recent times, earlier animations were not made using computers or by using stills from computers.
  • There was more to it and it involved a lot of human effort and imagination to create such animated characters which can occupy a place within the heart of viewers and something which kids would love to imitate.

80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History2

Small versions of beloved characters:
The cartoon characters are based on movies and also on the young versions of classic characters. The traditional characters were revived for new audience to update them on it and those traditional characters still form part of the society in various dramas and movies.

80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History3
Superhero shows:
There were many superheroes which ruled the screen of 90s, all superhero characters from the comics and other super heroes were seen on the screen during this period.

80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History4

Great stories and plotlines for kids:
Kids love to be in their imaginary world and they really love it when the show involves presence of talking animals and man with powers. However some kids love to have real kids on the show with which people can relate themselves and see them getting worried about their tough homework and seeing them in situations where they are trying to cope up from draining in the bathtub or with their list of homework. Both the situations were presented in the show so that kids can relate themselves with it.

80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History5

It is one of the most important elements of a cartoon show and it is necessary that humour should be a part of it all the time.

  • Action was much needed to gain attention of boys and humour became part of it eventually.
  • Both violence and humour was appreciated by viewers and their parents, most importantly parents who were able to see their children settled in front of TVs for at least half an hour.

80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History6

Kids were left to be kids:
The cartoon shows helped kids to remain as kids, as it is not necessary that every show must have a social message along with it. The cartoon of these days are quite sophisticated and filled with values which have nothing to complain about but various other things can also be taught with cartoons which are now missing like the shows can be used to improve vocabulary of the children or can also be used to make children learn about the history.

80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History7
Old cartoons are the part of lineups till date:
It is quite encouraging to see that previous shows are still part of these days’ lineups which clearly states that 80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History and this is the reason it is held till date.

80s and 90s were Best Years for Cartoon History8

The changes made in recent cartoons may be sad, but after having a looking at the other its aspect is if kids are still enjoying these shows then it really does not matter that how the shows are produced or how are they brought up in front of the viewers. 80s and 90s were  best years for cartoon history and this post would let everyone know that cartoons have golden history. What is important is, childhood of the children should be preserved. In spite of all the above old cartoons still continue to be my personal favourite and thanks to internet I can watch all of them anytime and any part of the day on YouTube.

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