Top Ten Ben 10 Aliens Names and Pictures

Ben 10 is one of the most popular and brilliantly animated shows for the kids. This cartoon is based on theatrical action and is produced by Joel Silver. Ben 10 had grown really very popular among the children. The kids love this cartoon and are crazy about it. Ben 10 products are been sold effortlessly in the market. The Ben 10 stickers, watches, puzzles, notebooks, pens etc. had already made their way to the market. Now the Ben 10 games are coming up in the market in large numbers. People and kids love different transformations of Ben 10 to the aliens. Some of the most popular Ben 10 Aliens Names and Pictures are listed below:

Most Popular Ben 10 Transformations1.2

Ben 10 Aliens Names and Pictures


Most Popular Ben 10 Transformations1

It is originally voiced by Steven Blum. Heatblast is the Pyronite coming from the stars. The appearance of Heatblast is ferocious, whose body is covered with red or brown charcoal from outside and inner body contains magma.

  • Heatblast is the first transformation of Ben that was activated in pilot episode of original series
  • Heatblast got the cryokinetic power when Ben was suffering from cold
  • Ben once removed heatblast and regain it in ‘Ben 10000 Returns’ Episode
  • Heatblast now has an Omnitrix symbol on his chest
  • He has the darker tone and the eyes are not connected to fire on his head

Four Arms

Most Popular Ben 10 Transformations2

This character is voiced by Richard McGonagle and it is a Tetramand that had come from the desert planet Khoros.

  • It is 12 foot tall and has armored skin and dense muscles
  • The females are more stronger than its male in powers
  • They are generally very slow but have got immense power


Most Popular Ben 10 Transformations3

This Ben 10 transformation is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker and this character is Vulpimancer. It means the fox inside beast. He had come from the garbage planet named as ‘Vulpin’.

  • This character do not have his eyes
  • It uses its senses of smell and sound
  • A horrific smell and a loud sound will overwhelm them
  • They also have gills on their necks fro thermographic echolocation
  • Ben was transformed to Wildmutt in the episode ‘And then there were 10’
  • Wildmutt cannot speak


Most Popular Ben 10 Transformations4

This alien is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker and it is a Lepidopterran. It has come from the swamp planet. It can fly speedily and high. It can excrete high pressure liquid streams from mouth that is flammable toxin.


Most Popular Ben 10 Transformations5

This was originally voiced by Jim Ward for Ben. Diamondhead is a Petrosapien, who is an intelligent being. He had come from the Petropia Planet. This planet was shattered by Vilgax. Tetrax helped him in this demolition.

  • His body is made up of highly durable crystal that resembles Taedenite and makes the things invulnerable
  • It can control its crystal physiology by its own will
  • It can even create corrosive weapons made up of crystals from every part of its body
  • It can even grow the crystals over ground
  • The crystal body of diamond head refracts the light beams and therefore act as prism
  • It can regenerate the limb
  • Ben was transformed to diamondhead during the destruction of robot made by Vilgax


Most Popular Ben 10 Transformations6

It is voiced by Fred Tatsciore and is a Piscciss Volann from the water planet. This is the fish like alien that can unhinge their jaws to eat larger objects and even rip the steel.


Most Popular Ben 10 Transformations7

This transformation is voiced by Jim ward. This character is Kineceleran and had come from the planet Kinet. It resembles semi-armored celocirapator.

  • It has got wheel shaped feet, helmet with windshield, and scissor like claws
  • It also has ability of manipulating friction to reach high speeds of 500mph
  • It can run over the water and climb the wall instantly, and can even enhance its strength
  • Using its feet this character can even bring the tornadoes
  • It has got most amazing reflexes
  • Ben was transformed to this alien when he tried to play with the newly found power


Most Popular Ben 10 Transformations8

This character is voiced by Tat Strong and it is a Galvanic Mechamorph. It can fire the plasma beams from its eyes and it can merge with any technology regardless of its size.

Grey Matter

Most Popular Ben 10 Transformations9

Grey Matter was voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz and it’s a Galvan. This character is basically gray skinned and is a frog like lien that is just 5 inches tall.

  • It has come from highly intelligent race and uses the technology to advance levels
  • It is highly technical and is profound of technology
  • Ben dislikes to become this alien because of its small size
  • Gray matter can easily squeeze through the small faces and climb the walls easily
  • It can even shoot the lasers


Most Popular Ben 10 Transformations10

This is voiced by Steven Blum and is Ectonurite. It has come from the planet Anur Phaetos. It is the horrifying creature that has sharp claws and rotating neck. It can easily phase through the matter except the DNA.

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