Top 10 Best Anime Series of all time

Now-a-days anime series are in trend to watch. It’s a demand of today’s world, it does not matter if you are an adult or child, people want to see anime series and they love these anime series. As the animation technology has become a preference in areas. This new era of anime and 3D pictures, providing us sensual and surprisingly heart touching movies. Moreover, there are varieties of niche on which anime movies are based on. Being a damn fan of anime series, I do have best anime series of all time for  sharing with readers. Hope you would like to watch anyone of them.

Best Anime Series of all time4

Best anime series of all  time

Undoubtedly it is not so easy to shake viewer’s heart by anime movie, but some people blessed enough to do so. Considering the factor of humor, laugh, action, and love, there are plenty of famous anime series to spiral up the feelings of viewer. Besides that fiction and supernatural power niche anime are likely to get more worthy (as per my personal view). And finally now we have anime series to watch out below.


Best Anime Series of all time1
The anime contains endless characters and impressive fun and I am sure this is going to be breath taking movie. Here you will have crime and love in ultra-violence, a movie full of entertainment and humor. This movie has a background music which is fully sensual and going to hit viewer’s heartbeat.


Best Anime Series of all time2
This movie shows, how the society treat with alone individual with stylish anime within it.The characters in this movie are liable to criminal fun and exciting facts. This anime series described in two parts- crime thought and fun with crime procedural. Seekers of action and crime based movie would love this anime.

Fairy Tale:

Best Anime Series of all time3
This is one of my favourite movie ever. And here you will have a story about four characters- Erza, Lucy, Gray and Natsu. These four characters are fighters and in movie you can see the full action (magical fight). As this anime shows the bad things happens on the earth and fighters perform magically well. Here music is also an amusing factor to enhance the popularity of this anime.

Accel World:

Best Anime Series of all time4
There you will have to watch episodes one after another and I assure you, it is not possible to resist to watch next episodes as it has seems like original storyline. This anime includes action and romance and fully entertaining. What are you waiting for, go ahead and watch it and rate it.


Best Anime Series of all time5
This anime is about a bunch of people who found themselves on mysterious island. Here the story starts; they would have to kill each other and lastly fittest will be the winner. This is terrific anime to watch. Here the suspense and super action with bomb-blasting enhance the anime to extent level of entertainment.


Best Anime Series of all time6.
I must say the movie is epic and irony because the anime is about great gambling. Here this anime has fully thrilled and after watching this anime’s episodes you will realize that you have not seen such kind of anime ever. Here a poor guy got the chance to become a rich person by gambling.

Steins Gate:

Best Anime Series of all time7
This anime shows the time travel. But the interesting thing is the microwave- yes, here the movie character uses microwave to travel back in time. Now you can imagine that how entertaining the anime will be. These anime episodes will let you to feel the thrill and gives amazing experience.

One piece:

Best Anime Series of all time8
This anime is one of the best and long anime having more than six hundred episodes. It is quite funny and full of adventures where the main lead character is luffy-the pirate. And luffy wants to become king of all pirates in world. Here, the fruits are mainly intended to get by everyone because fruits give the power.

Spice and wolf:

Best Anime Series of all time9
If you are fond of love and romance then you should watch this anime series. Here, all he series has made a bench mark for other. As the name suggested spice and wolf- here watching this anime will let you go in imaginary world of love. In order to make aesthetic, sound background and animation work has done a great job.

Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood): Best Anime Series of all time10

This is spicy anime contains full drama, action and adventure. This also comes under the category of best anime series of all time. Just for giving you little intro let me give you a hint, here in this anime two brothers are finding the philosophers stone.

No one can deny that anime series has come in special category and people started love to watch them. Everybody knows, the anime characters are not real but got succeed to make us laugh, motivate and also even cry. So, this post is not only for anime series lovers but also for newly interested people who want to see. And if you are deciding to watch an anime movie, this post will lead you to the best one. Take a look at these best anime series of all time, select anyone (you can select more, of course) and enjoy the anime.

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