How cartoon helped us to know about different cultures?

Indeed, cartoons are fictional characters, but with time we are getting familiar with them. Now-a- days there is no replacement of cartoons to entertain us in a same way. Cartoons have been widely spread almost all over the world. Rather than entertaining us cartoons helped us to know about different cultures. Yes, that’s the unobserved and sensible phase of cartoon characters. For example if you are watching Pokémon cartoon in America then you are actually learning about Japanese culture. The era of technology, animation and cartoon leads us to fascinating different cultures.

cartoon helped us to know about different cultures

cartoon helped us to know about different cultures5
Today we are talking about cultures which we have learnt or learning from various animated colourful cartoons. We spend almost of our life with pals, mates and relatives who belong to same culture. And curiosity to know about different cultures causes to live social usually. But cartoons are exactly doing the same job and we just need to observe a little bit.

Cartoon helped us to know different cultures:
Usually, kids love to watch cartoon on television, it can be seen easily that whenever children came from school and sit in front of Television for enjoying their favourite cartoon show. Sometimes adults also love to watch with them. But the question is how to observe? Here are following points below, which will definitely encounter you with what the cartoons job is.

Cartoons with different attire:
However, animators give the attire by considering making a cartoon cute or funny looking.
Likewise a super hero has a dress including symbol and stylish dress. But besides that in some cases, we can find the cartoon of wearing different unusual dress.
There is well saying “ dress in only that way how you want to address others” , When we watch different dresses in various cartoon shows, then meanwhile that attire placed a mark in our mind. Different cultures have different rules and myths regarding cloths and accessories. That’s how one can easily learn about culture.

cartoon helped us to know about different cultures1

Festivals in cartoon shows:
Well, every country and culture have own festivals and occasions. Generally, people who are curious to get introduced with varieties of cultures should watch cartoon shows. Animators and producers of cartoon shows include every moment and scene that brings smile on viewers. In fact wedding parties and worship ways are also the great source of introducing different cultures.
cartoon helped us to know about different cultures4

Cartoons with foreign languages:
Undoubtedly technology played an important and helpful role for happiness of people and that’s why it’s easy to watch cartoon shows with foreign language even with subtitles. If parents want to teach their kids a foreign language, should prefer cartoons. Language is the primary and basic aspect for those who want to know about different cultures. And learning a foreign language with fully enjoyment is one of the best ways to learn. Who would not want to watch cartoons now?

Music and dance in cartoons:
That’s the best moment in cartoon shows, whenever there is celebration or background music sounds flows in ears, we definitely enjoyed even sometimes kids start dance same time. Definitely we can see cultural dance form in cartoons with funny activities. Simply meanwhile we can learn from here about dance form of other culture. Though while watching cartoons no one can sit without laughing.
cartoon helped us to know about different cultures2

Cartoons with cultural tradition and ceremonies:
Often this moment comes where luckily we can see cartoons, doing their work or living according to tradition. Like in real life we do have weekly holidays, in cartoon shows we can sometimes even find them enjoying holidays with family and friends. Jewish and Christian cartoon characters often celebrate their religious holidays also. That’s here we learn about other cultures.
cartoon helped us to know about different cultures3

Presenting diversity to kids:
Unfortunately in some areas kids have limited source of interaction with other cultures or with people socially. They live in homogeneous culture and neighbourhoods, so don’t able to get face of different cultures. They can get the chance to know about varieties of culture in society and world with cartoons.
cartoon helped us to know about different cultures5
Cartoon helped us not only to laugh or happy:

Here at this point what else would be the right to say? The madness and love with cartoon characters placed a permanent mark not only in our heart but also in life. In this busy and hectic life schedule people have forget to laugh. But fortunately, these animated bright colored funny cartoons brought that curvy smile on uncountable faces.

But significantly cartoons have done and doing more for us, as the post telling about how cartoon helped us to know about different cultures. Cartoons characters are imaginary but even though we have learnt enormous things from them. Family shows keep us closer to our loved ones and simply kids have innocent mind. And they easily learn things from cartoons so that’s why parents should allow their children to watch suitable cartoons shows. Lets keep the madness and learning life aspects with cartoons.

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