Top 20 Crazy Cartoon Characters

Laughter is the part and parcel of our lives and cartoons are the hilarious animated characters that exercise our jaws to enjoy a hearty laugh. Cartooning has been considered as a popular form of art that exaggerates nature and life and expresses silly notions packed in a humorous form. There have been some famous cartoon characters that have stunned millions of children with their amazing expressions and whimsical actions. These crazy cartoon characters have astounded kids and adults and are hence considered as all-time favorite cartoons. Here are some 20 crazy cartoon characters that have been the reason of thousands of innocent and charming smiles.

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Crazy Cartoon Characters

Shin Chan

Crazy Cartoon Characters1

Shin Chan is a Japanese cartoon character who has numerous irksome tricks of annoying his parents. His ideas and pranks are unbeatable that makes him a very crazy cartoon.

Winnie the Pooh

Crazy Cartoon Characters2

All of us are familiar with the spongy, honey-colored cute bear ‘Winnie the Pooh’.

  • Winnie has astounded millions of kids and grown-ups with his stories and actions.
  • The red shirt fluffy bear have starred in cartoons and movies and his crazy actions and tricks have gained appreciation from all across the globe.


Crazy Cartoon Characters3

Children have adorned their childhood with the foolish tricks of Tom.

  • Kids have rolled on floor laughing and eyes of elders have reduced to chinks due to a wide smile spread on lips after watching mischiefs of Tom
  • Innocence of expressions and crazy hilarious actions of this crazy cat has drawn the attraction of millions of people.


Crazy Cartoon Characters4

There would not have been any fun in Tom if Jerry wouldn’t meddle in his affairs. The cheesy and perky tricks of Jerry are responsible for the success of the cartoon Tom and Jerry.


Crazy Cartoon Characters5

The sailor Popeye on his journey to save his beloved Olive Oyl from Bluto has amazed spectators worldwide.

  • The crazy love triangle between Bluto, Popeye and Olive has been the backbone of this cartoon.
  • Spinach, the secret of Popeye’s health have added to his protruding biceps that offered more craze and fun to the episodes.

Pink Panther

Crazy Cartoon Characters6

Pink Panther has set an ambience of comedy and fun in his animated shorts and jazzy color. This cartoon has become immensely popular and is still aired on boomerang.


Crazy Cartoon Characters7

Pikachu has become an extremely lucrative cartoon character owing to the incredible fiction focused in his show. The attacking speed and attitude of this crazy cartoon character is commendable.

Scooby Doo

Crazy Cartoon Characters8

Scooby Doo is the light brown colored clever dog who has solved many pandemonium situations.

  • The crazy ways of solving mysteries and puzzles by Scooby gang have made the cartoon character a popular watch across the world.
  • The cartoon Scooby Doo has even enthralled adults with its unique van-driving, continually snacking and spacey talking.


Crazy Cartoon Characters9

The black and white crazy cat Felix has garnered huge popularity and accolades for his mischiefs.The simple yet amusing expressions of Felix with his magical bag had astounded all viewers and even won him an award in the year 1928.


Crazy Cartoon Characters10

The superhero Batman had originated from a cartoon character that was aired on television for kids’ entertainment.

  • Batman epitomized moral value of being a savior to the world that aimed to inculcate the kids on humanity during their formative years.
  • The crazy actions performed by batman in the cartoon show often brought a laugh but more often awed them with its splendor.


Crazy Cartoon Characters11

Superman was considered as the ultimate superhero owing to his commendable loyalty. He has immense powers and help the people with his intelligence.

Donald Duck

Crazy Cartoon Characters12

Donald Duck was originally a side-kick in Mickey mouse’s story that had later become popular for his raspy voice and fascinating tricks.

  • The eye-rolling attitude and a crazy approach towards solving problem have bestowed enormous prominence on Donald Duck.
  • The exaggeration in the actions and exasperation had made Donald Duck one of most watched cartoon show.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Crazy Cartoon Characters13

Chipmunks are crazy little squirrels that have shot to international popularity owing to their character in the movie Alvin and The Chipmunks.

Mighty Mouse

Crazy Cartoon Characters14

Mighty mouse have undergone many transformations but have enthralled viewers in every form. The crazy lip-synched mouse has confronted with several cat villains and has performed crazy tricks to emerge victorious over them.

Daffy Duck

Crazy Cartoon Characters15

Daffy Duck was a clumsy clown who had entertained viewers with his sarcasm and crazy humors. His envy towards bugs, tantrums have added feathers to the cap of the show.


Crazy Cartoon Characters16

The little cute wooden boy Noddy from the novel of Enid Blyton had taken shape in the form of a cartoon.

  • Noddy was a self-employed taxi driver who aimed at solving problems in his neighborhood and society.
  • The cartoon character had a spring-like neck that swirled in situations.

Fred Flintstone

Crazy Cartoon Characters17

Fred Flintstone was an animated cartoon who had a hot wife but lacked intelligence. His crazy love for family but dumb temper added humor and fun to the character.

Mickey Mouse

Crazy Cartoon Characters18

Mickey Mouse has represented crazy cartoon characters in various forms. The character had become iconic and played a major role in cartoon shows.

Powerpuff Girls

Crazy Cartoon Characters19

Powerpuff girls have become stupendously famous cartoon characters whose power got multiplied three times while combating problems. The crazy fight sequences and tongue-in-cheek humor have added to the elite features of this show.

SpongeBob square Plants

Crazy Cartoon Characters20

SpongeBob SquarePlants have emerged famous lately and a movie is also planned to be shot on this hilarious comic character.

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