25 Most Creepy Cartoon Characters Ever

Cartoons and cartoon characters. What comes to your mind as soon as you hear these words? Cute? Cuddly? Nice? Funny? Well, cartoons and cartoon characters are cherished and loved by almost everybody on earth, from kids to adults. Let’s admit it guys, we are all fond of one or the other cartoon character and love to buy anything that comes customized incorporating that cartoon, be it a keychain or a pillow. While most of the cartoon characters are meant to be cute and adorable, there exist a few creepy cartoon characters, which make you afraid or just make your skin crawl. Yes, sometimes, some of the cartoon characters are actually pretty creepy as these are designed taking reference from the real world humans. Some of these were meant to be this way, while some just turn out to legitimately scare you. It is very essential to choose the characters and movies for your kids to watch, very precisely so that you don’t horrify your kid. most creepy cartoon characters22

Some of the characters appear to be cute at once glance but then, with a second glance you will realize that it is a creepy cartoon character. For example, the bubbly yellow colored Spongebob seems to be quite adorable at one go but, once you analyze it again, you will realize that it is actually a character representing a thirty year old man who has basically turned into a psychopath, living alone with his pet snail and troubling his neighbor every now and then.

Creepy Cartoon Characters

There exist ghostly characters in the cartoon industry who give a real Halloween feel. You can list a number of scary, creepy cartoon characters as well as many villain characters including terrifying monsters and demons. Some creepy cartoon characters appear dreadful at the first glance itself and get more and more evil with each passing glimpse.

  • There is no other way to protect the innocent souls of children from the shit being telecasted on the television apart from stopping them from watching such programs. Even the illustrators and cartoonists must think before they create such nuisances.
  • What are we reaping in the minds of our future generation? Is it what we wish to do? If not, then, you must encourage good, decent programs, whether in cartoons or in the other live action programs.

Why Parents Protest against some Creepy Cartoons

As children, we might have enjoyed all the cartoons that we saw. But, adulthood teaches us many things. If you are a grown up, you can surely realize that some cartoons which we see are real creepy cartoon characters and should not have been watched by children. This list includes the famous Shin-Chan, where the character misbehaves with almost everyone in his surroundings. Such cartoons tend to exploit the innocent minds of little children in the grooming stages of their life. Watching these creepy cartoon characters can really harm the values and mindset of children as they also intend to do what they see.

  • You must have heard of parent groups protesting against some of the most messed up cartoons, which have creepy cartoon characters in them.
  • These parents do have a point to protest against letting their child watch television and such creepy cartoon characters.

Here’s a list of most creepy cartoon characters ever

HIM from Powerpuff Girls most creepy cartoon characters1
Salad Fingers
most creepy cartoon characters2

most creepy cartoon characters3

Tommy Pickles
most creepy cartoon characters4


most creepy cartoon characters5

Courage the Cowardly Dog
most creepy cartoon characters6

The Simpsons
most creepy cartoon characters7

The Smurfs
most creepy cartoon characters8

most creepy cartoon characters9

most creepy cartoon characters10

Nickelodeon’s Rocko
most creepy cartoon characters11

Fingering Prince
most creepy cartoon characters12

most creepy cartoon characters13

most creepy cartoon characters14

most creepy cartoon characters15

most creepy cartoon characters16

Willy Wonka
most creepy cartoon characters17

OompaLoompa minions
most creepy cartoon characters18

most creepy cartoon characters19

most creepy cartoon characters20

most creepy cartoon characters21

Poltergeist Clown
most creepy cartoon characters22

Child Catcher
most creepy cartoon characters23

most creepy cartoon characters24

most creepy cartoon characters25

Some creepy cartoon characters are also shown involved in adult scenes. Then, what is the difference in an adult movie and a cartoon program designed for kids to enjoy and cherish and learn? All this really needs to be checked for a brighter future of the kids and of ourselves.

  • Cartoons should be such that the parents can leave their kids in the hands of the cartoon writers for several hours, being assured that they will inculcate good values and humanity in their children.
  • The cartoons telecasted on the television must pass all censors clearly and it should be ensured that these give a wholesome lesson of sharing and togetherness to the kids.

Let’s make the history of children’s entertainment a clear, pure trail, which you will always cherish gazing through again, even after years. Let’s not show the creepy cartoon characters bullying the innocent ones, or playing wrong games to get their task done. Don’t encourage violence or racism. The most creepy cartoon characters of all times still listed are Ren and Stimpy, who succeed to be the most annoying and irritating ones.Wholesome childhood enjoyment comes with wonderful cartoons like Sleeping Beauty and the cute Gizmo, and not by creepy cartoon characters like Spike, which can be your nightmare for weeks.


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