25 Different Shades of Pink Color Names

When we talk about lighthearted, romantic and adorable colors, pink speaks loud! You would not deny saying that pink is literally considerable among girls all around the world. Either it’s your nail art, or the Barbie doll, or even your favorite tee, pink is lavish and glamorous color. But you better know the difference between dull pink and bright pink and what exactly the name is! Scroll down to taste the different shades of pink color names.

Different Shades of Pink Color Names

Pink is the color of love and romance, but don’t forget the blue color as it’s also a soothing and touching color. Here, check out the different shades of blue color names and play with them.

Champagne pink #F1DDCF:

You’d not call it pink the very first time you look at it but it is quite unique shade of pink color to know about.

Pink lace #FFDDF4:

Look deep into it and you’ll recognize it as it’s been there on rose petals. An inviting color and an alternative for rose color.

Piggy Pink #FDDDE6:

Yes, credit goes to those cute pigs! This one was got from the skin color of a pig so is piggy pink and is one of the cutest different shades of pink color names.

Baby pink  #F4C2C2:

It’s used to describe little baby girls and is a very fine and light shade of pink but similar to piggy pink, isn’t?

Spanish pink #F7BFBE:

Did you know Rosado  is the word that’s been used for pink color in Spanish? Look at this enticing color. Tip- you can have it on bathroom walls for the romantic mood.

Cameo pink #EFBBCC:

With the medium tone of pink this color is categorized as a best substitute for pink and you can see it on wedding events.

Orchid pink #F2BDCD:

Though, orchid is rich purple color itself, but is symbolized as orchid pink since there are various range of its shades.

Cherry blossom pink #FFB7C5:

Region like, Japan and America adore this color every on cherry blossom festival and so is the well-known cherry blossom pink.

Light hot pink #FFB3DE:

Ladies and gentleman, this is your color! Light hot pink is the color to woo your partner, for sure!

Lavender pink #FBAED2:

Yes, directly from lavender flower as this flower has differentiated a unique shade of pink color.

Cotton candy #FFBCD9:

Aww! Mouth-watering cotton candy is inescapable in taste and the color as well. Girls do love this shade and if you remember the animated cartoon girl’s attire and their skin color is also similar to this shade. 

Charm pink #E68FAC:

Charming pink! When it comes to get the interior design done, this is your designers suggested color to have.

China pink #DE6FA1:

Of course, it’s been popular in china and especially for the interior designs of homes and offices.

Mimi pink #FFDAE9:

A delighted and light shade of pink with the soft tone and is the best color for the girl’s bedroom interior.  

Tango pink #E4717A:

With a bit of dull and deep shade of pink color this color is truly best for your bedroom.

Congo pink #F88379:

It’s a true blend of orange and light pink so is the Congo pink.

Pastel pink  #DEA5A4:

One of the best dull shades of pink color and you might have seen it as wallpaper colors.

Solid pink #893843:

A dark tone of pink and is quite heavy to look at! It’s rarely used but is the professional and decent shade of pink.

Silver pink #C4AEAD:

This was discovered by interior designers! A beautiful mixture of pink and silver!

Queen pink #E8CCD7:

Yes, right back from the queens and so for you girls! This light shade is soothing and classy to have in outfits and bed-sheets.

Mexican pink  #E4007C:

This bright shade is terrifically popular and has been used in Mexican culture for a long time.

Barbie pink #DA1884:

Yes, your Barbie doll’s color! Professionals use this color for making company’s logo design.

Bright pink #FB607F:

A saturated tone of pink and similar to rose and you better know it’s known as bright rosa in European countries.

French pink #FD6C9E:

A slightly dull and light shade of bright pink and is the eye-catchy color.

Shocking pink #FC0FC0:

Bold, intimating and intense is this shade of pink color!

Now, you got the different shades of pink color names and their color codes so you can mind them easily. Drop us your feedback in the comment section about this list and play with the shades of pink colors as now you know them all.



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