15 Different Types of Paintings and Techniques

No matter if you’re a brand new beginner or the skilled and experienced artist you always keen to know about paintings and info regarding them. Artists always try to invent or find out new tricks and ways to get the painting done easily and precisely. And if you’re one of them, here are the tips you would love to try. But, it’s not the end yet as more and more ideas and types of art is coming day by day from different region of the world and today we got you different types of paintings and techniques.

Different Types of Paintings and Techniques

Art itself is a way to express, so no need any words to describe, but when it comes to modern art, there’re plenty of art forms that must be recognized and appreciated individually by art lovers. For instance, you better know the acrylic and abstract paintings so are these acrylic painting ideas.

Still life painting:

Yes, the natural or man-made objects are used to make still life paintings. The basic fundamental behind still life painting is the random objects with significant theme. Still life painting is enough capable to evoke strong emotions about religious, spiritual, social and personal.

Acrylic painting:

Not every one of us like to mess with water colors or the oil colors as they need time to get dried. Moreover, it’s not that easy to do the layering or getting desired shade with such paints. So, acrylic paintings, as they can get easily dried in no time and it’s easy to give them reflection and shades.

Water color painting:

Only a perfect mixture of colors and awesome blend of colors can get you fantastic masterpiece if you’re going to depict a view on paper or a sheet. As it takes time to get dried and bit more attention and focus, yet is an amazing way of painting.

Oil pastel painting:

You got it right! Yes, the wax crayons! Many of us would die to work with wax colors. Most of the artists started their art carrier with wax colors and it’s recommended to the beginners as well as it’s easy to handle pastels while painting.

Sand painting:

Only a sheet and lot of sand can have you a mesmerizing painting. It’s truly messy and needs lot of patience and practice to be the master. Sand paintings are temporary because sand does not stick to the sheet and can be removed or remove itself after some time.

Abstract painting:

Art is the way of expressions! And the way of expressing visually, lines, patterns, shapes and structures, is called abstract art painting. Abstract painting is one of the best ways to portray a deep thought and intense emotion.

Landscape painting:

We all love nature and that’s the true and foremost inspiration to all artists and art lovers around there. Mountains, river, sky, trees and greenery, everything that belongs to nature can be depicted perfectly by the landscape painting.

Graffiti painting:

From the ancient times to today’s modern art, graffiti painting artwork has terribly nailed its bench mark for other painting styles. Different spray colors are used to portray the emotions or to express the feelings on public place is popular in various countries and is banned as well.

Techniques for different types of paintings:

Either it’s painting on a wall or a canvas, either it’s a way or depicting via water colors or wax, either it’s professional or personal, yet you need some hacks and tips so follow the below given instructions.

  • When it comes to know the tips about different types of paintings and techniques, colors, brushes and essentials are needed (of course, must be of good quality).
  • If you’re working with wax colors, don’t forget to use white color or you can remove the layer of the color from the area you want the reflections.
  • Layering can be done only once the first coat is dried.
  • Get yourself a color mixing chart as it would helpful for you to get the desired color.
  • Make sure to decide either you want to use the colors as per beginners or the professionals.
  • Practice only makes you perfect, so take your time and work hard and let yourself free while painting.
  • Use the dry brush technique, and for this you may plenty of brushes as you’d have to use different brush for every color, every time you paint.

Hope you guys liked different types of paintings and techniques that we shared above. Now grab the colors and sheet and enjoy the art work. And don’t forget to share these tips and types of paintings among all art lovers.

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