55 Easter Crafts Ideas for Kids to try in 2023

Though there’re many festivals for kids but easter is something special! Easter means a lot of gifts, yummy foods, and unforgettable fun but apart from that, you might be worried about home décor and other kinds of stuff. But in between all this mayhem, something has to be done for the sake of fun and entertainment, and honestly speaking, I’d recommend Easter crafts ideas for kids! Why? Well, just ask the kids how exactly it feels when they craft an Easter bunny and play with it and you’ll know what it means to them.

Easter Crafts Ideas for Kids

Easter crafts ideas for kids 2023

Before you heading to easter craft ideas for kids, you better check out Happy easter wallpaper HD since you got to décor your desktop screen for the upcoming festival. Get ready to craft some enticing and cool Easter crafts with following the simple DIY images.

Potato Easter Egg:

Yes, now you know potatoes can be used for other purposes! Since the size of the potato is almost equal to an egg, you can craft a colorful and well-designed easter egg craft. Just cut out the slices of potato and make vertical or horizontal lines making designs on its surface and rest you know!

Easy Easter card:

Does not matter if you’re a kid or an adult, when it comes to greeting or sending wishes to your loved ones, cards do best! You can craft your own Easter card as much as possible. Just look at this cute and adorable card, just follow the two steps and it’s done!

Easter bunny Crayons | Easter Crafts Ideas for Kids

Kids do love color work, and so are the wax and crayons! What if we ask you to create and craft yourself brand new Easter crayons and get rid of the old ones? As you can see, break the crayons into pieces (that’s fine, you’ll get an awesome design soon) and put them into the blank places of the Easter bunny shape designed so the broken pieces will get the shape.

Easter boxes for kids:

These boxes are going to really help you out withholding and hiding your favorite toys, colors, and pens so you can place them safely. In order to craft such boxes, you need to get a thick paper sheet and cut them into the required design and then join them with glue and décor it with your whole heart and creativity.

Toilet paper roll Easter stamps | Easter Crafts Ideas for Kids

I really love toilet paper roll as it can be used to craft various things and there are plenty of ideas you can try with. But as for now, on Easter day, you need three different toilet paper rolls, but try to change the shape of two rolls as they look like bunny ears. Now, don’t wait and start stamping your colorful eggs and bunny faces.

Easter Crafts Ideas for Kids


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