45 Easy Abstract Painting Ideas that look Totally Awesome

Painting is the art of displaying your inner thoughts and feelings. It gives artists freedom to express themselves more marvelously. We all adore these artworks be it an abstract painting, acrylic painting or oil painting. That is why we never miss taking out some time to visit the art exhibition and buy new creations that we like.

Among various painting styles, abstract painting is a modern painting style that does not include a perfect portrayal of anything. Instead, the artist here explores more color combination, patterns, and textures in their work. There are no hard and fast rules of this painting style which is essential to follow. In fact, it lets the artist going with the flow of their imagination and paint brush. For a beginner with no experience in painting, this painting style is the safest option to choose. This article dedicates to those who are fond of abstract paintings and willing trying their hand at them. The list here comprises some easy abstract painting ideas for such novices. And if you’re a pro and thinking that this collection of easy abstract painting ideas is of no use for you, then that’s not true. Sometimes easiest ways lead you to your destination promptly and properly.

Easy Abstract Painting Ideas

Mixing color on the canvas

Choose two or three colors of acrylic paints for mixing. Put a small amount of these acrylic paints randomly all over on the white canvas. Properly mix them using a palette knife to create different shades and combination.

Use tapes to create geometric shapes

With the help of tapes, make different shapes and size of the geometric pattern. To do this wrap the tapes all over the canvas in such a way that squares, triangles, and polygons forms over the canvas. Add color to these linear shapes.

Working together with spray and roller brush

Use seven different soft and dark acrylic colors on the plain canvas. Create a base first on the entire canvas with the help of roller brush. After it dries out, use metallic can, to spray a loud color and allow the color to drip down.

The charm of gold leaf

You can add these gold leaves on the art in dissimilar forms. First, make a base with geometric patterns, spraying or color mixing. Apply gold leaves at the end, when the colors dry out. Fix these gold leaves with the help of an adhesive.

The shades of a single color

This is one of the simplest to paint. Choose a solid color and paint a little lighter shade of it by mixing an equal amount of white acrylic color as you move to the downside of painting. Dye each shade in equal proportion of the canvas.

Make stamps and smear them

With the help of small round object make stamps of different colors, over the entire area. After then, smearing these colors well using a correct paint brush.

Spotted artworks

Add spots of two contrast color combination to the blank white sheet. Select colors like black with white or red with blue.

Assembling colorful impression on the canvas

Various light and dark shades to make something not less than any masterpiece. Applying paints with short brush strokes on the canvas.

The magic of roller brush

Using roller brush make a horizontal and vertical pattern on the entire canvas. Use single or two contrast ton for this purpose.

Abstract art on fabric

Instead of regular canvas create abstract designs on the fabric using oil and acrylic colors. Make sure you iron the fabric before applying colors.

Amazing artworks with the help of tissue papers

The much more interesting use of tissue papers is in abstract painting. For this use colorful tissues that are complementary to each other and cut them in usual geometric shapes like square, circle or triangle. Paste them in a way to form a beautiful artwork.

Paper cuts

You can cut symmetrical designs or you can cut some unusual shape. Paint these cuttings and paste over the canvas. You can also paint the background with blue or black colors.

It is the time to wind up this article. Hope this easy abstract painting ideas will help you in some way.



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