90 Easy Abstract Painting Ideas that look Totally Awesome

Spotted artworks

Add spots of two contrast color combination to the blank white sheet. Select colors like black with white or red with blue.

Assembling colorful impression on the canvas

Various light and dark shades to make something not less than any masterpiece. Applying paints with short brush strokes on the canvas.

The magic of roller brush

Using roller brush make a horizontal and vertical pattern on the entire canvas. Use single or two contrast ton for this purpose.

Abstract art on fabric

Instead of regular canvas create abstract designs on the fabric using oil and acrylic colors. Make sure you iron the fabric before applying colors.

Amazing artworks with the help of tissue papers

The much more interesting use of tissue papers is in abstract painting. For this use colorful tissues that are complementary to each other and cut them in usual geometric shapes like square, circle or triangle. Paste them in a way to form a beautiful artwork.

Paper cuts

You can cut symmetrical designs or you can cut some unusual shape. Paint these cuttings and paste over the canvas. You can also paint the background with blue or black colors.

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