42 Easy Charcoal Drawing Techniques and Ideas for 2023

In ancient times, there were no oils, no wax, no watercolors, and no other facilities that you are blessed with today! But, still, cavemen had some really amazing ideas and ways to express their inner art via natural and raw materials or whatever they’d have. Did you know that charcoal drawing is one of the oldest art forms that humanity is inherited with? Yes, as of now, let’s bring out all of your art and creativity and learn easy charcoal drawing techniques and ideas to try.  In order to craft such a catchy drawing grab the raw coal (actually, it’s a charcoal stick) or you can buy charcoal pencils which are easily available in the market. Those who love drawing will certainly appreciate receiving custom pens with their name engraved on them.

Easy Charcoal Drawing Techniques and Ideas

Drawing is something very basic art that even a kid loves to do, and that’s why it’s said that drawings are extremely good for mental growth. Moreover, if you’re a brand new beginner, you better practice before you start charcoal drawing.

Easy charcoal drawing techniques and ideas:

As you know, it’s a burnt organic material which is actually wood and is of two types, vine and compressed. With some basic tips and secret hacks, you can surely get this done in no time.

Know the ‘KIND’ of the charcoal stick:

In order to bring a grey shade or deep black color, use a compressed stick while for soft and easygoing, prefer softer charcoal. And when it comes to detailing work, you may need to be working with pressed charcoal which is kind of messy.

Learn to hold it properly:

It may seem easy to hold the charcoal stick as it looks like a pencil, but there’s no sharp edge so it does not work that way. So, you need to get your palm facing the surface of the paper while holding the stick with your forefinger and thumb.

Go easily:

The thing is- you need to keep your palm away from paper and don’t you dare touch it and it’s kind of one of the hardest things you better keep in mind so that you can get rid of dust. Keeping your drawing clean will ensure you the ease of erasing it later and so is the best technique.

Try the reverse gear technique:

It simply means to work opposite to what you are supposed to do, yes, fill the paper with charcoal and erase it to pop out the image or structure you want. When you cover the sheet with charcoal’s deadly black color, it’d be easy to bring out the bright side of the side by erasing the certain area.

Use white charcoal pencil:

As they say, stars shine only when it’s deadly dark, so is this technique for easy charcoal drawing. As mentioned earlier, this goes with the ‘reverse gear technique’, here when you’re done covering a white sheet with a damn black charcoal stick, you can use white charcoal to draw highlights. For beginners, it’s strongly recommended to use a charcoal pencil, but when you got hand expertise after some time and want to craft something remarkable and expensive, just go with the charcoal sticks.

Keep the proportion for geometric shapes:

Just remember one thing- move your hand easily, so and lightly so the charcoal print goes light and easy to erase and that’s how your contouring and detailing would be neat and clean. And this way, keeping the proportion of objects, you can identify the geometry of shapes.

Pencil drawing art is a great way of time killing fun.  But, easy charcoal drawing techniques and ideas are bold and dramatic so you can have high time fun. Hope you liked the ideas and images! Do share your artwork and tips with us in the comment section and share this post with your art fans. Be creative and have fun!

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