12 Positive Effect of Cartoons on Children’s Mind: Practical Research!

9. Watching cartoon tends children to respect their parents and elders:

Effect of cartoon on children's mind6
Kids actually learning by watching and in cartoon show as their hero or favorite character behaves respectfully with his family. This tends a kid to do it in same way. And child started giving respect to elder brother and sisters in family. In other words we can say that child is making his/her behavior good and appreciable.

10. Watching cartoon a child can learn language and talking way:

Effect of cartoon on children's mind7
One of the most effective and positive effect is that children learn not only the mother tongue but also the foreign language. Many of cartoon series are in different languages as depend on country where the show has to be air. This enhances the learning of language a child and cause to speak in proper way.

Parents should have to decide the cartoon show for their children:
Actually this is parent’s responsibility to decide the cartoon. No offense, but as elders knows that cartoon character is just an imaginary anime. But children do not have any idea that there is no real spider man who can jump over building or there is no superman with supernatural powers. Important and suggested by children’s psychological behavior experts recommend to parents for deciding the cartoon show for kids.

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A child has a blank mind and at this stage child starts learning by observing what is going around. At this age they can’t differentiate the good and bad things. They always accept what they see and also follow that. Parents should have to spend some time with child by sitting with and watching cartoon. And also care about what would be the effect of cartoons on children’s mind. This will let you know the observation level of children and also improving the bonding with them. Children have soft kind heart with innocent mind full of honesty just need to give them a direction.

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