Top 25 Famous Villain Cartoon Characters

Usually people do remember only super heroes and good characters of cartoon. Of course everybody does that, me too. But no one can deny that without a villain (the bad character in cartoon series), there is no fun and no entertainment. In fact villain cartoon character always plays appreciably. We have seen may cartoon movies, read comic books and also played video games. Being a cartoon fan I also love villain cartoon character not only the good one. How many of famous villain cartoon characters  name you remember now? Think about it. Here you will have some famous  villain cartoons who placed benchmark for others.

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Famous Villain cartoon characters

The villain cartoon character could be a female or male. And with the ideology and willing to rule the world, they always seeking to harm people, especially the hero. Check out the list of these villain cartoon characters and feel the terror.

Thanos, “The Silver Surfer”:
Thanos (The mad titan)- isn’t a dashing title for him? He has just a few targets to conquer the galaxy and also to rule. This villain cartoon has stylish attire and also with great supernatural power. He always seeks for heroes to kill them at any cost. And in order to earn people attention, thanos can do anything. I wish I could have the same power in real life.

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Doctor Octopus, “Spiderman”:
Do you remember the spider-man? Yes, this villain character was there. Look at the picture first here. As the name suggested Doc Oct was with four super strong metallic arm attached to his back and also bowl cut. This villain has almost destroyed everything related to peter- The spider man.

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Poison Ivy, “Batman”:
The beautiful and sexy female villain who hypnotized Bruce(Batman) to fallen in love with her. She got the name after plant Ivy and same green skin color. She always turns a superhero against another superhero like batman to superman and robin to batman as well. She considered as almost really a damn villain character.

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Magneto, “X-men”:
The mutant, who can control magnetism and also generate that. I am big fan of his power and the dressup. The way he looks alike is really a bad character. The metallic helmet is for resisting mental power control by others. He was the leader of a group having all the mutants with amazing powers. Ever thought of becoming mutant?

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Bluto, “Popeye”:
This is also a funny character sometimes and mostly trying to harm olive. And whenever he tries to do that, Popeye come up with power which he gets after eating spinach. And then Popeye beat him up. The most interesting thing is in some cartoons Popeye and bluto has shown as friends. You can also learn more about Popeye by reading his informative Biography.

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Cruella de Vil, “101 Dalmations”:
Not so attractive but a damn elegant cartoon female. She almost mad about to wear a coat made of 101 cute puppies. You can see that she has left half hair as white color and right side as black color. The willing to wear that always tends her to catch those 101 puppies.

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The Joker, “Batman”:
Joker is the batman’s arch enemy. By viewing on picture you can imagine how insane he is inside. He is master in doing criminal activities as murdered many people. The more interesting thing about him is attire and looks. The red lips and green hair with bleached skin (looks always white).

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Skeletor, “Masters of the universe”:
This is a classic villain by voice and also by looks, as name indicating skeletor, he does have Skeleton face only. The main tag line is “The evil lord of destruction” and this villain character wants to rule the Eternia and always fight with He-man.

famous villain cartoon characters

Shere khan, “The jungle book”:
The damn tiger with the powerful voice. The title goes to him- men eater and he always trying to harm human in series. He hate human because of mythology that his family were murdered by human. Shere khan has his own area and also a snake to convey news of jungle.

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The Queen of Hearts , “Alice in wonderland”:
She is overweight villain lady and seems to be very dangerous with great powers. She always tried to conquer king of hearts. This female villain has a dirty mind full filled with bad ideas and in order to see victory she turn into evil anytime.

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Some of other famous villain cartoon characters are given below:

Scar, “The Lion King”

famous villain cartoon charcters11

Ursula, “The Little Mermaid”

famous villain cartoon charcters12

Chernabog, “Fantasia”

famous villain cartoon charcters13

Jafar, “Aladdin”

famous villain cartoon charcters14

The Evil Queen, “Snow White”

famous villain cartoon characters

Gaston, “Beauty And The Beast”

famous villain cartoon charcters16

Hades, “Hercules”

famous villain cartoon charcters17

Maleficent, “Sleeping Beauty”

famous villain cartoon charcters18

Shan-Yu, “Mulan”

famous villain cartoon charcters19

Ratigan, “The Great Mouse Detective”

famous villain cartoon charcters20

Governor Ratcliffe, “Pocahontas”

famous villain cartoon charcters21

Angelica, “Rugrats

famous villain cartoon charcters22

Dick Dastardly, “Wacky Races

famous villain cartoon charcters23

Shredder “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

famous villain cartoon charcters24

Clayton, “Tarzan”

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Cartoon characters are imaginary and people love to watch them and rate their performance. Sometimes, we learn good things from the good one but without the bad villain character story could not be completed. Makers of cartoon series always intended to get worthy response from viewers. This is for our entertainment and in the last, wither it’s a hero or villain; we should appreciate both of them. Here, I have shared famous villain cartoon characters for cartoon lovers. But if you have any other famous villain cartoon characters, feel free to speak out!

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