30 Illustrious Fat Cartoon Characters with Names and Images [2020]

Nowadays, people feel more stress and headaches due to their hectic life schedules. He or she is so much busy in their office lives that he or she forgets to enjoy or entertain their lives. Hence, the significance of cartoons and cartoon characters comes. A cartoon is a simple example of creative thinking and a perception of the reality and dream. Cartoons represent almost all aspects of life. Cartoons could be humorous, serious or erotic. People have always associated cartoons with fun and childhood, because children love cartoons and like seeing them move on the screen or they enjoy adults reading them comic books. Cartoon helps children’s creativity path is opened. Cartoons are considered historical sources just like newspapers, paintings, diaries and documents. Cartoons communicate political messages about events and people of the time through pictures.

Cartoons are also evidence of people and government’s efforts to influence people. There are many cartoons characters, but funny Fat Cartoon Characters are most famous. Fat cartoons characters are special cartoons that represent humor and originality. Cartoons are usually made up of two elements caricature (a drawing that makes an individual funny by his looks) and illusion (illusion is mind thinking that cartoonists add but it is not real and it is used to pretend a funny situation). Funny Fat cartoon characters are cartoons that will make you laugh, slap your knee, and guffaw.

Our list displays the immensely popular fat cartoon characters s who have got splurging ranks by television fans for being overweight and dynamic. Many cartoon series have portrayed animations of a fat black cartoon character or the ones with glasses. These characters are evident from classic animated shows to the contemporary ones.

May it be fat Albert cartoon characters or the Plump cartoons like Peter Griffin and Fred Flintstone, they look adorable even after being overweight. Such chubby and cheesy cartoon characters are shown in versatile personalities from bubby to fierce roles including their male and female versions. Let’s hop into the animated world of cute and fat cartoon characters.

Advantages of Funny Fat Cartoon Characters

Funny Fat cartoons characters are to make people laugh. By exaggerating situations and characters they become funny and daring.

  • Funny Fat cartoons are great because they can be enjoyed by the whole family. There is a cartoon that will tickle your funny bone, no matter what your age is.
  • They are easy to share and can cause a chain reaction of humour. Some of the funniest moments in life are depicted by fat cartoon characters.
  • Funny Fat Cartoons are also great because they can get away with saying things that we would not able to.

Whether you are in a silly mood or having a grumpy day funny fat cartoons are a great way to add a laugh and bring some more happiness into your life.

  • Laughter is contagious and so is the humor found at funny fat Cartoon Characters.
  • Funny Fat cartoon characters find laughs for the entire family. Whether you are four or a hundred, laughter is still the best medicine and Funny fat Cartoons is the prescription.

How are Funny Fat Cartoons helping Parents in raising their Kids?

Life lessons

Most of funny cartoon shows contain valuable life lessons. They are not merely any character without any aim or moral.  Almost every cartoon from Ben Ten to Tom and Jerry to Scooby Doo to Batman has positive messages contained in the show.

  • By watching funny fat cartoon children learn about the importance of sharing and also learn about how the nice person always proves victorious. These are life lessons that will help your children to decipher what is right or wrong.
  • Children will be learning without even realizing they are doing so.

Reference Point

If your child is misbehaving then you can actually use their favorite television show as a reference point in order to show them what they are doing wrong and provoke the reaction you are looking for. Your child is more likely to respond because you have given them a clear example including a cartoon they know and love.

Educational Benefits

Cartoons have a whole host of great educational benefits. Solving puzzle fat cartoon characters are really very much beneficial for kids. For example the famous cartoon character, the Scooby Doo follows the dog and the gang as they solve mysteries.

  • As show goes on, more clues are revealed and it shows how the gang eventually find out who is the bad person. By this your child’s imagination and quick thinking is working.
  • You can get your child’s brain working and also you can teach them some great life lessons and use cartoons to explain them.

Fat Cartoon Characters Names and Images

Fat Albert

Funny pictures of fat cartoons1

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids is an animated television series from America that is conceptualized and hosted by famous comedian Bill Cosby. Albert is a popular overweight renowned character from the Cosby gang. He portrays a different side in each educational episode and joins the North Philadelphia Junkyard to summarize the lesson at the end. Fat Albert cartoon characters are a hit amongst kids due to their convocational qualities.


Funny pictures of fat cartoons4

Next in the list of fat black cartoon characters is Gluttony from ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’. He is a black plump character often found binging on other creatures remains and has an evil company of sister lust. Brother Gluttony is quite docile usually but gets frenzy when trying to eat whatever comes to his path and aims at the removal of Homunculi’s presence. His character in the show is a fierce and hungry black man who eats anything that comes off way.

Homer Simpston

Funny pictures of fat cartoons6

Homer Simpson is a hit amongst fictional fat cartoon characters and is a protagonist from the animated sitcom ‘The Simpsons’. He is a black fat patriarch from an eponymous family and is a married man with three children Lisa, Maggie, and Bart. His unprofessional and arrogant persona at the workplace, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant makes him quite unpleasant. Addicted to junk food and beer, this safety inspector is staunchly protective of the family and has weird dreams of space visits.

Fred- The Flinstone

Funny pictures of fat cartoons7

A very well-known fat black cartoon character is Fred from ‘The Flintstone’. Fred is a family man from Stone Age living with wife Wilma Flintstone and daughter Pebbles Flintstone. They belong to a fictional town of Bedrock where dinosaurs reside. He is a humorous fat cartoon characters capturing the hearts of millions of fans for many years.

Fat Cat

Funny pictures of fat cartoons8

Fat cat is an antagonist from chip’n dale rescue rangers TV show who is always available for the rescue of primary antagonist Aldrin Klordane. He is a grey Tabby cat who is the favorite pet of underworld sensation Aldrin Klordane. This fat black cartoon character is proud of his whiskers and wears a purple suit when in fury. He is sadistic, dangerous, and has bizarre master plans. He is an obvious dog hater as well.

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