30 Illustrious Fat Cartoon Characters with Names and Images [2020]


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Garfield is a chubby black bat and features in an American Comic strip. Jon Arbuckle is his human owner and Odie is a dog. The basic characteristics of this black cat include love for coffee, overeating, diets, lasagne, and Monday Blues. He has frequent interaction with the master and drops out some striking ideas. It is an immensely popular animated cartoon for several years.

Big Bad Hippo

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Big bad Hippo was a popular wrestler in Earth Rumble VI and later turned out to be a soldier for the country’s sake. He also gave active participation at the invasion of the fire nation. His large size and determination often engage many people in his personality. He is a fighter who is also fond of eating and working aggressively.

Boris Badenov

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Boris is the prime antagonist in entertaining animated cartoon show between 1959- 1964. ‘The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show’ presented this pun cartoon from 16th century Russian Tsar Boris Godunov. His vocal accent and the explosive temperament is similar to actor Akin Tamiroff from Hollywood. The character of this black fatty cartoon resembles the appearance of Gomez Addams.

Heffer Wolfe

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Another in the list of fat cartoon characters s is Hefer Wolfe. His fictional role is based on Rocko’s modern life and a very interesting comic book series. Heffer first appeared in ID spot on MTV in 1989 and later became a popular animated overweight character. His opening credits including ‘That’s a hoot’ is quite popular with the fans. Vince Calandra added his origin to season 1.

Bill Dauterive

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Next fat cartoon characters  is Bill Dauterive from a popular animation series ‘King of the Hill’. His fictional personality is of a neighbor with depression disorder and is very overweight. Bill belongs to the upper-class Cajun family from Louisiana and speaks fluent Cajun French. He tries to justifies his actions to his abusive father and struggles with the daily chores.


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Bluto is evil and harsh comic character created in 1932 for the Thimble Theatre comic strip as ‘Bluto the Terrible’. Later the comic series got popular as ‘Popeye’. He is the prime antagonist in this cartoon series. This character is presentable with his bready, cruel looks and muscular body who fantasies of eternal love Olive Oyl. With a tricky mind and harsh voice as well as crooked teeth, he appears quite villainous and captures his love each time.



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