10 Funny Halloween Party Ideas and Games for Kids

Scary yet funny Halloween is about to come!  You might have done with the décor ideas and shopping for the awesome party that you’re going to through at your home. From kids to adults, everyone just loves this incredible festival as it brings delicious food, lots of fun, family gathering and a spicy spark of the scary theme. So, if it’s about having fun yet with the scary theme, we got some creative funny Halloween party ideas and games for kids. Get yourself ready for Halloween party ideas and Halloween party games which you can consider for kids and adults as well.

Halloween Party Ideas and Games for Kids

There’re plenty of ways to make a festival bombastic and memorable so you can cherish it. In order to give the party a kick start, you can shoot a Halloween quote or saying.

DIY skull vase for Halloween party:

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Bring your Halloween theme a black and white styling! Have you ever thought of skull vase with adorable flowers? Well, it suits for funny Halloween party ideas and games for kids only. Yes, consider this easy-peasy décor hack for Halloween party idea.

Head in a jar prank:

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Woah! That’d be scary and make you laugh to the stomach ache. It’s really simple, you just need the print out of your photo and then paste it on a toilet paper with glue or you can use it as it is. And put that in the jar, but make sure you put the jar in the fridge or on the dining table.

Spirit jugs:

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When it comes to funny Halloween party ideas and games for kids this idea and hack can get you the best. Here, you’ll need few plastic jugs, black marker and Christmas light that you have used for last year Christmas. Now, follow the step by step guide to bring the thunder and laughter to the party people.

Let’s give’em a warm welcome:

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With Halloween, horribly fantastic décor comes and that’s how it starts with the welcoming your guests since you’re throwing a party. Get an old mat and cut it into the required shape now you just need to paint it with watercolors in a significant way to make it look bit scary yet inviting and it’s done.

Bat wings:

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Don’t expect a funny Halloween theme without adding some bats as they’d intensify the décor.  Since you love Batman, sketch few bats on a piece of paper and cut them all precisely and attach the wings to Styrofoam balls and hang them all in house.

Harry Potter style candles:

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There’ll be no fire, no wax, no hanging candles but the illusions only. Just grab some toilet paper rolls and paint with white watercolor and use fine and very thin thread to hang them all.

Paper plate game:

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Kids don’t enjoy parties without any fun actually they can’t even think of it. But here you got a Halloween party games for kids. Get paper plates as much as you can, paint them with any desired color and cut the plate from the middle by keeping it in a circular shape. Get a toilet paper roll and rest you know.

Balloon hockey:

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The moment you looking for Halloween party games for kids this one is inescapable. Trust me! This game seems easy but is not at all, as you are going to hit the balloon with hockey which is made of cardboard.

Witch hat ring toss:

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Get the complete setup and install it somewhere in the house and try to toss the ring on that. List of Halloween party games for kids can’t be completed without this game.

Pumpkin golf:

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So, let’s play some golf but with pumpkin! Buy the supplies and call your pals to join you there.

Do you Remember playing the game names ‘Telephone’ where you have to Pass the one message in a single piece without modifying the actual phrase? Now, you can play the same game, but in a totally different way which is ‘by drawing’. The game named Telestrations is the drawing version to that ‘Telephone’ Game. Click here to know more about that.

Hope you liked the aforesaid Funny Halloween party ideas and games for kids. Do share more party ideas and games in the comment section with your valuable feedback. Have fun.



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