Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters

Undoubtedly people have soft corners and crushes for the animated characters on the screen. Love for them is quite different, and these characters looks exceptionally hot which is similar to those of other characters on the screen. In fact, cartoon gadgets are also very popular at this moment, so that kids always love to own them .We have listed out the Hot Male Cartoon Characters of which people are fond of and here is another list of famous villain cartoon characters

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (23)

Hot Male Cartoon Characters


The character has print of paws on his chest; however he is not the leading man of the show. His built is quite heavy and it is similar to the size of a trunk of a willow tree. His abs, muscle and his total build is quite impressive and people are quite attracted to the same.



This character is of a lion which has a good soul and bravely face the situations coming in. He took birth, grew and then finally evolved as a king. His bravery features are quite fascinating to mesmerize people and fans watching him.

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (12)

Trent Lane

A character planned and figured out well, which is dark, aloof and plays in a band. He is typical model with amazing looks and this takes away the heart of viewers. In short he is a dark and handsome man, dream boy of every girl.


Prince Eric

Prince, predecessor to the name is enough to lure people to get attracted to him. He has dark eyebrows with a whitening smile. He is one of the finely crafted characters of Disney, which is the reason people find it hard to take eyes off him. Along with such amazing features, he also is very kind and stays happy throughout which is quite impressive for people watching him. So keep watching him play with this dog, and try not to fall in love with his kindness and dashing looks.

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (19)


He is from Futurama and is seriously damn hot. Looking on the surface level, he is just a pizza delivery boy who has an average sense of humour, but looking at him closely will help you know about how caring and kind hearted he is. He also has the instincts of a challenger who can go beyond heights for taking up the challenges coming up in usual life.

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (1)


He is one of the characters from the Iron Giant, and this character has been given voice by Harry Connick Jr. We find him wearing robes and sports as a soul patch and also have a strong jaw line which complements his character. He is a cartoon, but too handsome for it and people really die for his looks and personality.


He is from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who looks lot different from other characters because of his colourful bandanas. All of this makes him different from other turtle and people eyes really get struck on them. He behaves differently like he chills out, get on to some turtle weed and can also munch on the whole pizza to fill up his tummy. He is a complete treat to watch and people love to have a look at them.

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (14)


The Cajun accent was never so hot and sexy before. This character is really a great work on the basis of personality and also his looks. There are various factors of the character which please people watching him and that include charm, hair, face and body.

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (9)


On the screen he plays as a liar and con artist but he has a smart mouth which looks exceptionally good. His features are quite good and have got a perfect voice to complement his personality.

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (18)

Tulio and Mugiel

These two characters have become undeclared gays on the screen, and this is because they share quite good and close relationship with each other. They have been created gorgeously and people fall for them because of the fact they have been created beautifully and they look quite hot and sexy on the screen.

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (15)


The most well known character and love of many kids and children watching cartoons. He has been an ultimate heart throb who took away the heart of many. He is rebellious, thief and shares good friendship with monkey which is quite strange to believe. His dedicated love towards Jasmine is also quite appreciating and viewers find it hot and also exceptionally good and amazing. In short terms he has emerged as one of the hottest animated characters.

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (1)


The character is quite honest and believes in discriminating on things which is right and wrong. His dedication towards his uncle is quite sweet which one of the hottest features of the actor is.

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (24)


Tarzan has a super fantabulous body all with strong muscles. His built speaks of his strength looking quite hot and sexy for the viewers.

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (7)


He may not be a man, but still he is damn cute. The reason of such hotness may be many like dark hair or his honesty towards the team. This is something which people really love.


Apart from above some other Hot Male Cartoon Characters are

V from Vendetta Comics


Flynn Rider

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (8)

Bruce Wayne


Li Shang

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (11)

John Smith

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (1)

Peter Pan


Prince Philip

Top 25 Hot Male Cartoon Characters (22)

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