7 Lessons of How to become a Man in your Own eyes

How to become a man in your own eyes? Almost every man has tried at some point of his life to find the perfect answer to this question. Many take it in a wrong way. They find answers in building muscles, martial arts, and bullying people. Some even take it as a question of their popularity among women. They often turn to be a philanderer.

However, manliness has nothing to do with these things. It’s about maturity that a man has while a boy doesn’t. Additionally, it’s about the principles of life that mean a life to a man while for a boy it’s just stupidity. Principles can only enable a man to stay high in his own eyes. Here are seven lessons, which will help you to get a proper answer to the question “HOW TO BE A MAN?”.

How to become a Man in your Own eyes

Stay committed with your stand

Before taking a stand about any cause, make sure you are completely confident and enthusiastic about it. It will be better if you test the cause from the viewpoints of opposition. If you still find it genuine, then only go for it. Eventually, stand firm and unshakable to it.

If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice

How to become a Man in your Own eyes

Stay obvious

No matter how hard people are trying to drag you away from your standards, make sure that you stay firm to it. Don’t let others influence you. Eventually, even if you come out wrong, then you will not regret it for long. Moreover, it’d be really awesome if you are being silly at times. 

If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.

How to become a Man in your Own eyes

Start taking responsibility

If you live with your parents or if you have a wife with you, then start taking their responsibility. Not to mention, real men don’t run away from responsibilities. Eventually, it will earn you more respect for yourself

It doesn’t matter what others are doing, it matters what you’re doing!

How to become a Man in your Own eyes

Be fearless

Everyone in this world has a fear or phobia for something. It’s nothing to feel ashamed for. However, you have to admit your fear and go beyond it. You have to acquire the courage to fight with your fears when any situation demands such. Yes, fearlessness is the best life-changing lesson that you could have. 

Be Fearless in the Pursuit of what sets your soul on Fire.

How to become a Man in your Own eyes

Accept failures

You should accept failures in life. There is no point of feeling ashamed of it. In fact, you should appreciate yourself for at least giving it a try. The only failure in your life is not trying. Moreover, you should be welcoming for new challenges and risks. Eventually, you will end up with good results. There is saying that failures are the first steps to success.

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently – Henry Ford

How to become a Man in your Own eyes

Love with full passion

It doesn’t matter how problematic your relationship is. If you are committed to her, then love her with all arms open. Meanwhile, you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t hurt her dignity. It doesn’t mean to be shy away from an intimacy. It means to keep an equilibrium of love and respect in the relationship. In simple words, you have to make her feel like a porn star as well as a princess concurrently.

I swear when are Lips touch, I can taste the next sixty year of my Life.

How to become a Man in your Own eyes

Don’t show off, be real

There are lots of men who believe in flaunting or showcasing their possessions to impress women. They gradually lose their confidence from inside and starts believing they are nothing without their possessions. You should try to be real with women. Let them discover your inner personality, which is far more impressive and valuable than those possessions. Nevertheless, most of the girls would prefer such man rather than a low esteem guy who just showcases his possessions.

Real is Rare!

How to become a Man in your Own eyes

This was all we have in 7 lessons. Hopefully, this will help you to be a man in your own eyes. I know implementing these principles are not easy and might take time. Therefore, try them right from now onwards. Don’t forget that you can skip everyone, but not yourself.

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