How to Draw Cartoon Characters Step by Step (30 Examples)

You just need a pencil and a paper to kill the boring time and have fun instead! Yes, drawing can take you to the world of imagination and fantasies that you have been craving for. So if you’re getting bored an looking for something to have some fun then we strongly recommend you to grab a pencil and blank paper, that’ all you need! Are you thinking of ‘how to draw cartoon characters step by step’ or how would you start and make proper body shape? Don’t worry, we got you best examples with all steps so you can easily follow and craft yourself a fantastic drawing sketch.

How to Draw Cartoon Characters Step by Step

The drawing itself is truly helpful to the kids and the positive effects as well, read it here! But, the moment you crave for some drawing designs to practice, then please do check out this post here. Now, scroll down to know the answer of ‘how to draw cartoon characters step by step’.

From the movie frozen Santa Olaf, is the best cartoon character to draw, in case Christmas is on the way!

Starting from her adorable face, to her catchy tail and a perfect body figure is all easy to do if you follow as per  instructions.

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If you want to color your cartoon character drawing, it’d be look like this way realistic.

Just from a staright line, it’s all possible to pour down the huge hulk body on a piece of paper.

This brave girl with curly hair has lot to make you positive and courageous.

So, that’s how a kid looks like when he cries a lot, though, he is funny!

The creature from the Pikachu is popular among all kids and is a must draw cartoon character.

Don’t forget to admire your own pet dog and the super-dog as well!

What an alive and powerful sketch of Naruto! Naruto fan, follow the steps and it can be done easily.

I don’t think you’d ever find the other easiest way to draw Doremon cartoon sketch.

Yes, this is the well-known and a funny Pikachu character that every kid would love to draw.

The fastest bird on the planet, road runner, can be drawn and colored this way.

Superman fans, just with the pencil work and bit of shades can get you masculine superman sketch.

Batman attire’s color combination and outfit design must be drawn carefully.

Once it’s done, make sure to do the color work, oil pastels is the best way to go with. Check out the pastel techniques and tips.

A funny lion for the funny kids and is easy making and coloring, just follow the steps as shown in the image.

Drawing a cartoon sketch of tweety is quite easy as you can start it making round head.

A small kitten and a lovely baby girl with her braids looking fascinating. You can do color work on girl’s attire.

Use different colors of pencils so you understand and can differ the lines and body parts.

Aladdin pencil sketch might get you headache but it’s possible with bit of practice.

Wolverine cartoon character design with sharp blades is also a good idea to make.

Don’t forget to portray the spider man, especially, if you’re about to draw a superhero.

If you still remember the alphabets, then you can draw this cute girl smartly as it all needs you to draw curves similar to the shape of alphabets.

This cute looking fictional character is not that cute when it’s about his feeding habits! He can eat anything and everything that he sees.

This daring bulldog is a friend of Jerry but the enemy of Tom! Right from the Tom and Jerry show!

So, Easter is on the way! Let’s craft the sketch of bugs bunny and enjoy the festive season.

So, we have shared the cool and learning tutorials to doubtful question, how to draw cartoon characters step by step. Hope you enjoyed and would practice your hands and have great fun. Do share the examples and drop us your feedback in comment section.

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