20 Meaningful Life Lessons that no School can teach you

Schools teach you only theoretical concepts but no life skills! Then how would one get over those problems and face challenges in life which is totally different from school life. Schools must involve learning life lessons that a student will move ahead in life and become real successful and survive happily. It doesn’t make any sense if you got good grades but don’t know how to talk people in good manners and that’s not what you learn from school. But today, we gathered up 20 meaningful life lessons that no school can teach you but you will discover them here.


Meaningful Life Lessons that no School can teach you

Hey, how old are you? If you’re heading to end up your awesome teen years and about to turn 25 then you might have had lot of fun. But did you have experienced any of these things which you should do before you turn 25.

Study skills:


It’s a fact! Even though you got to study daily in schools many times for hours but still they don’t teach you how to read faster or how to speed read. What you think of speed read?



Either it’s finding job or talking to strangers, in the end up realizing that you guys had real good communication and guys, if you’re fine with communication skills nothing can stop you winning on certain situations.

Time management:


Managed time is managed life! You wake up late and you start running behind doing all morning rituals and what you are about to do later on. It’s not about waking up early, but still you need to manage your things and works to do.

Computer technology:


Though, many schools provide basic computer knowledge but since you’re grown up now and everything is becoming digital. You got to practice and learn coding or computer languages, no we’re not asking you to be computer scientist but who knows if you become one day.

Live without gadgets:


So, you got play station, laptop and mobile phone! Don’t you think your life has become dependent on these tech gadgets which should not be. What if you one day you don’t have any of them, how would you survive? Think about it and spend a day without them instead spend a day with your pet.



No matter if you’re in school or college as soon you’re going to be a responsible part of society and but still there are laws for you. You never know if you breaking a rule while decorating your pals’ bike, it could be property damage.



Undoubtedly, you mom cooks best! But as a grown up young blood you will see moments when she’s no around and you got to feed yourself. You can’t buy online always as it’s not healthy and digestible always, therefore, learn cooking and backing skills.

Household repairs:


Yes, you’re not that technical mechanic but you might have seen your dad or mom fixing water pipe lines, wooden work, or even repairing hardware themselves. Dude, you can’t afford home services all time; learn to fix basic household yourself.

Applying job:


That’s about making you perfect, professional and how to present yourself. Sooner or later you would have to apply in various companies and you can’t hold your coolness as they are not your pals and they really want you to be a PRO!

Healthcare awareness:


You better know your body first, agree? Learn how to keep warm in winter, type of suitable outfits, seasonal recipes and veggies, learn how you can keep yourself clean and hygienic without those chemicals on your skin.

How to negotiate:


That’s a key to seal the deal every time, right? You’ll see moments when you got to negotiate smartly and that can be done with brilliant communication skills.

Know about credit card:


You don’t pay bills your dad does! Do you ever think of taxes and how your dad manages your bills? Ask your dad and all documents of how to apply credit cards and how to recover it.

Meeting strangers:


Don’t think people are trustworthy always! You can’t reveal everything about your personal details to any stranger. Moreover, from another point, you never know if you find your life partner that way.

Dress yourself for different occasions:


You can’t make yourself look cool and that piercing on parents- teacher meeting in school, or while facing interview and vice-versa in case you got to hit the floor on party night.

Never give up attitude:


There will be lot of failures, guys! And you got to hold up yourself without giving up yourself on that situation or task. The more you practice it more it becomes a part of you.

Learn reading financial statements:


Maybe your dad does not care about asking you reading financial statements but if you do then you can surely help him many times. Assist your dad on income statement and balance sheet.

Learn teamwork:


It always work! Your co-workers complete you they can do what you can’t and you can’t complete all tasks yourself alone. In life, team work skill matters a lot!



Yeah! It’s not only about hanging out or visiting the places you wish to go. Travelling can help you with learning lot of life skills, practical skills.

Accepting yourself:


You find yourself different from other people! You don’t have to be like them, not physically, mentally or in any other way. Accept yourself then only this world will accept you!

Learn how to be happy in every situation:


This has to be your foremost personality trait! No matter what happens, where you are or what have been going through; make yourself happy that’s how you can let go things.

These meaningful life lessons that no school can teach you will surely enhance your confidence level and make you a strong hearted person who can face every situation with keeping smile on face. Keep learning and keep moving, pal!

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