Popular Mickey Mouse Biography, Movies, History

No one had expected that one day a cheerful mouse of wearing red shorts and white gloves will so popular in world. Yes, here Mickey Mouse got credit to let the audience laugh and flourish happiness. This funny animal cartoon character has become eminently famous. The love and recognition of people always encourage the makers to keep running this character for longer. Micky Mouse biography, movies, history is just a try to brush up our reader’s memory.

Micky Mouse Biography, Movies, History3

Mickey Mouse biography, movies, history

It would not be wrong to call this animal cartoon character a legend. Either in comics or television, Mickey Mouse has stunned us completely.

Biography of Mickey Mouse:
The exact birth date of Mickey Mouse given by Walt Disney company is 18 November 1928 and first in Steamboat Willie. Walt planned to name this mouse cartoon character “Mortimer” but his wife insisted him to choose Mickey Mouse. And Generally Mickey Mouse can be seen in all the movies or short films with his girlfriend Minnie and Pluto (pet dog).
However, Mickey Mouse actually a funny cartoon character but the way makers showed his performance, he deserves hero title. Isn’t it? Another character as his girlfriend is Minnie and they both are very well known as their romantic and funny activities. In order to make it more cute makers also placed a pet dog.

Mickey Mouse in Comics:
Mickey Mouse cartoon character has made a bright image in comics also. After fifteen animated shorts, this cartoon character also appeared in comics as well in 1930. In Europe, comic books were famous widely and people had enjoyed very well. Writers displayed this character in very smart way with charm and naughtiness. The pictures in comics were depicted so well that reader would have felt the realistic view.

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Video games of Mickey Mouse:
Like any other cartoon character video game, Mickey Mouse also has started in various video games. And playing a video game of favourite cartoon character is undoubtedly an interesting source of entertainment, not only for kids but also for adults also. In fact animators had also transformed some games especially for youngsters. Some of famous games are given below.
Mickey’s Ultimate challenge
Magical Quest
Mickey Mousecapade
Game boy advance

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Awards won by Mickey Mouse:
By earning so much love and praise by the audience, Mickey Mouse has received ten nominations for various categories. And most honourable thing is that in 1978, this cartoon character became the first one to have a star on Hollywood walk of fame. In various countries, producers and animators was also awarded for doing such a fantastical job.
In Australia, There was a festival called Moomba and they appointed Mickey Mouse as king of Moomba. This cartoon has gained lot of respect and love by the fans and professionals also.

Movies of Mickey Mouse:
Though now everybody knows that debuted movie was released in 1928 but Mickey mouse wore white gloves in 1929 in movie named “The Opry House”. Later Mickey Mouse recognized as best animated cartoon ever. Mickey Mouse based movies are in three niches as well. But total eight movies are of full length as;
Hollywood party, Fantasia, Fun &Fancy Free, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mickey’s once upon a Christmas, Fantasia 2000, Mickey’s house of villains, Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers, Mickey’s twice upon a Christmas.

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Mickey Mouse at public places:
After the long span of time period, people are very well addicted to this lovely cartoon character. However, kids are having school bags, toys, games and clothes, where a picture of Mickey Mouse can be found easily. But one can get the idea of popularity of this cartoon by that, in park and shopping complex, statue or guy wearing Mickey attire walks here and there.
As Disney lands is known as right place to find Mickey character. Actually, a guy acts as non-speaking Mickey Mouse so as to do fun with people.

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History of Mickey Mouse:
Every legend has unforgettable history and that’s the true inspiration. In the journey of making this animal cartoon show there were many up and down. The most memorable moment was happened when Mickey was showed in 1935(in colors) and went on till 1953. Over the years, this cartoon character has seen also with various other cartoon characters. There was the time when Mickey mouse recognized as star and is still on the way.

The Mouse in TEE

Now-a-days either you are in market or at party, you can find Mickey Mouse image on any product. Cartoons are now becoming as part of people’s life. Even in the children party or festival you can find the persons with Mickey Mouse attire. Mickey Mouse biography, movies, history should not be completed in few words. All we need to do is just watch and enjoy the Mickey Mouse.

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