Top 15 Most Intelligent Cartoon Characters

Cartoons have stormed the entertainment fraternity with its amazing animated characters and their silly yet astounding actions. They epitomize humor and comic with their naïve and nincompoop actions. The enthusiasm the cartoon characters show in solving puzzles and grave situations have made them emerge as animated intellectuals. The inception of cartoon mainly aimed at children with a motive to cheer them up and fill their novice world with colors of laughter and comics. As time passed by cartoons and animations have witnessed tremendous progress and gradually intelligent cartoon characters came into existence. A wide variety of hilarious yet most intelligent cartoon characters have now adorned the animated world and is gracing it more and more with time.

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Most Intelligent Cartoon Characters

Intelligent Tricks
The intelligent cartoon characters have been termed so because of their unique and wise ways of solving problems in the stories.

  • Most often many intelligent and ignited minds held hands to make fabulous animations and write scripts of the cartoon shows. Hence they reflected their intellect via these cartoons who implemented wise tricks to solve dark mysteries.
  • The tricks and ways of getting a puzzle solved in many cartoon shows often awed the children as well as the elders as it was pictured after deep analysis.

The intelligence depicted in numerous cartoon characters was often propelled by an external factor. These included power drinks or food that offered wisdom to crazy animated heroes.

    • Some of the intelligent animated world saviors remained nerd and dumb until they took the help of some strong drink or food. This reflected the notion to the innocent viewers that powerful and nutritious drinks developed their intellects. Hence it served as a motivation for the little innocent children.
    • The secret of intelligence of these witty characters also extended to brilliant associations and friends. Some characters had gangs and a companion who helped them solve the problems.

Significance of intelligent cartoon characters

Cartoon characters generally sufficed the prime motive of creating humor and comedy but the need to have intelligent cartoon characters emerged to give a different flavor and a new look on cartoons. Thus cartoons are not just responsible for creating a jovial aura but it also epitomized wit and wisdom.

  • The witty characters expressed sarcasm and wisdom through their expressions that made a spectacular display of new ideas.
  • The witty jokes and wise comments garnered the attention of everyone watching the show. Elders too cherished watching such cartoons that focused on the amalgamation of humor and wit.
  • With the introduction of new intelligent cartoon characters many new cartoons developed and new ideas spiraled up. This led to a commercial revolution of cartoons and also opened a wide scope in this field.

Key features of intelligent cartoon characters
The intelligent cartoon characters in a show did not perform any task all by themselves but they demanded the aid of their pals to accomplish a mission. This led to a wider concept of teamwork and management.

  • Cartoons are a piece of innocent entertainment for the little angels but they also offer refreshment for adults. With some mature and intelligent tricks and actions cartoons make a perfect recreation that spread joy and laughter and also stun with amazing witty tricks.
  • The key features of intelligent cartoon characters are mainly their raspy voices, exaggerated problems, dumbfounding tricks and hilarious dialogues. This is the true magic behind the success of every cartoon character.

Bugs Bunny
most intelligent cartoon characters3
Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Most intelligent cartoon characters4
Professor Frink
most intelligent cartoon characters5
Tin Tin
most intelligent cartoon characters6
most intelligent cartoon characters13
Batman from Batman: The Animated Series
Most intelligent cartoon characters7
Dr. Benton Quest from Jonny Quest
most intelligent cartoon characters8
Velma – Scooby Doo
Most intelligent cartoon characters9
Powerpuff Girls
most intelligent cartoon characters15
Gyro Gearloose from DuckTales
Most intelligent cartoon characters20
most intelligent cartoon characters16
most intelligent cartoon characters18
Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory
most intelligent cartoon characters10
Professor Farnsworth – Futurama
Most intelligent cartoon characters11
Professor Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls
most intelligent cartoon characters12
most intelligent cartoon characters19
Brain from Pinky and The Brain
most intelligent cartoon characters21
Susan and Mary Test from Johnny Test
most intelligent cartoon characters14
Winnie the Pooh
most intelligent cartoon characters17
Mr. Peabody from Rocky and his Friends
most intelligent cartoon characters1
Stewie – Family Guy
most intelligent cartoon characters2

Cartoons mainly spread laughter and joy and give a jovial watch for all viewers. The magic of cartoons are not just confined to children but they have got dilated to many mature grown-ups. There are plenty of intelligent cartoon characters who present humor blended with wisdom and smartness.


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