Most Loving Saturday morning Cartoons in 70s and 80s

So, this is 21st century and cartoon lovers have lot of options and sources to enjoy cartoons. All you need to do is just grab remote control and sit on couch having some snacks and here, the show begins! But, this was not the same before if we talk about late 70’s and 80s, due to lack of advanced technology and animations, actually due to lack of televisions and cartoon channels in houses. Don’t you miss those Saturday mornings, or don’t you think retro cartoons should come back? Saturday mornings! In 70’s and 80s, it was nothing like today’s morning. And now it’s totally changed but today, we are going to look back into 70s and 80’s Saturday morning cartoons.

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Saturday morning cartoons

Yes, now-a-days, kids have much more options for watching cartoon shows and movies. In fact, now, you don’t have to wait for weekends or Saturday mornings and wake up early in morning so not to miss your favorite cartoon shows.

Saturday Morning cartoons:
This was the time of rood runner, Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, The Addams family, Devlin, Captain caveman, Funky Phantom, Bugs Bunny and so on. However, many of other cartoons shows are still running but some of them are no more. Do you know in that time cartoons character were so popular that marketing companies for promoting their products used cartoon characters in commercials but some of them were banned.

If today’s kid asks you what was so fascinating about those Saturday morning cartoons, what would you say? First, today’s generation kids must know that they can enjoy cartoon shows anytime and any day, but for their parents it was not that easy at all. Those days were used to be the best days, and when it was about Saturdays, kids used to wake up early morning and enjoyed cartoons. Yes, actually the timing for airing cartoon shows was in morning from 8 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and may be for more another hour. How would have they enjoyed without cartoon network channel, yes cartoon network was started in 1992. Here we have listed some of cartoon character that you had enjoyed in childhood in 70s and 80s.

Tom and Jerry:

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Let’s start with these two best friend-cum-enemy. However, they are known for their friendship and no one can deny that he/she have not enjoyed this cartoon show ever. These two cartoon characters were and always be the first choice of millions of kids to watch. We better say a wonderful and worth source of unstoppable laughter and entertainment.


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Yeah, you might have seen animated transformers movie or the Hollywood transformers movies. But in 80s transformers characters were not the same as they are now, yeah! That was the time when these famous cartoons machinery would have pumped the entertainment level and it was kind of introducing technological knowledge for kids. Do you still remember the transformers cartoon characters name?

The Addams Family:

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This cartoon show was one of the amazing shows produced by Hanna-Barbara in 1973 and we are not talking about 90s Addams family. However, this show aired only in sixteen episodes but undoubtedly was an unforgettable spooky show.

The Groovie Goolies:

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Teens had enjoyed it so much as this was a witch show and gave the horrible and scary touch to the entertainment. How does it feel to watch a scary cartoon show in the morning? What a interesting way to start a day.

Saturday mornings were full of fun and scary as well:

Saturday mornings were not the morning for laugh and fun, you would have seen some scary and horror cartoon shows but with fun genre. Dinosaur cartoon shows, Scooby doo solving mysteries and more cartoon shows showered a blend of funny and goose bumping experiences. But as the time passes by, you became adult and got older, married and finally became parents, meanwhile technology, animation and schedule for cartoon shows have changed even the cartoon channels. However, today we are enjoying cartoon shows on cartoon network, nickelodeon, Disney channel and other local cartoon channels. But 70s Saturday morning must be thankful for NBC, CBS and others.

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The difference is, now, kids have advanced technology and gadgets even the video games. Video games are becoming widely popular, even for the girls and boys as well. Here are the best online games for girls. Being adult, sometimes you miss your upbringing, Christmas and childhood days. Do you still have the memories of Easter that you enjoyed when you were kid, a naughty kid, why don’t you check out Easter wallpapers. This post is dedicated to the 70s and 80s cartoons memory and moment you lived with. Why don’t you share your experiences and favorite cartoons you loved to watch in childhood. Let’s cherish those memories again and feel those days, actually golden days.

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