25 Most Popular Cat Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters are imaginary and fictional as well but are made by animators in accordance with audience’s entertainment. And that’s how makers are experimenting with new cartoon characters as with several forms like some machinery or with any animal cartoon character. For instance, here is a list of popular dog cartoon characters and some of them are so popular that, people give their name to their pets. Isn’t worthy to get that popularity and love? Even though dogs and cats are enemies by their nature but in cartoons, their friendship can be seen easily. Now, check out these most popular cat cartoon characters.

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Most popular cat cartoon characters

Most popular cat cartoon characters have already placed a bench mark for others animal cartoon character, even for the dogs as well. Just remember the famous Tom cat cartoon character in Tom and Jerry show.


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Well, this cat cartoon character deserves to be there as first name. Honestly speaking, Tom doesn’t need any introduction as no one can deny that he/she have not seen this cartoon ever. And besides that a little mouse (Jerry) has made a friendship with this cat.

Puss in Boots:

most popular cat cartoon charcaters2-002

This one is brave and fighter cat cartoon character, with name Antonio Banderas. Well, this is Spanish cat cartoon in animated movie, Puss in Boots. Now, without wasting any time it’s better to watch him in movie.


most popular cat cartoon charcaters3-003

If you have seen Tom and Jerry cat series, of course, everyone did then surely this black colored cartoon cat would have make you laugh either. Actually, in several series episodes, butch is a friend of tom.


most popular cat cartoon charcaters4-004

This one is unique and very fictional as well. It’s impossible to see cat and dog together in real life but, of course, it happens in animated cartoon chactaers. CatDog is famous Nickelodeon cartoon character as shown is picture, features a half dog and half cat.


most popular cat cartoon charcaters5-005

Now, this cat is dangerous and brave as of course a saber-tooth tiger. The famous animated Ice Age movies own various animal cartoon characters and Diego is one of them. The interesting thing to know about him is that he afraid to go into water.


most popular cat cartoon charcaters6-006

This one belongs to Swat Kat animated series and is good pilot. Razor and T-Bone (friend cum mate) are fighters and trained in martial arts and own a well equipped with devastating weapon with a fighter jet.


most popular cat cartoon charcaters7-007

He is the one belongs to Swat Kat and bigger in size as compared to Razor. He also belongs to one of the best pilots of turbojet. Now, get the biography and history of swat kats cartoon characters.


most popular cat cartoon charcaters8-008

It’s animated gif and is about tabby cat. Now-a-days, people are using pusheen characters in chat messenger in facebook. Pusheen character owns many different characters in accordance with various expressions.

Big the Cat:

most popular cat cartoon charcaters9-009

This creepy cat cartoon character is a fisherman and lives at Mystic Ruins as is a fictional character in video games. He is purple in color and anthropomorphic by nature. But, recently this cat cartoon character has been removed from video games.


most popular cat cartoon charcaters10-010

This one is really a celebrity as undoubtedly one of the famous and humours cat cartoon characters. Garfield is a tabby cat and is orange in color. People love his saying that “Breathing is Exercise” and this makes him wonderful cartoon character.


most popular cat cartoon charcaters11-011

Sylvester belongs to three times awarded animated cartoon show, “Looney Tunes”. This black and white colored cartoon is one of the most popular cat cartoon characters and kids are fond of watching this cat.

Felix the Cat:

most popular cat cartoon charcaters12-012

This cat was created in silent film era and is funny animal cartoon character. Felix is the first animated cartoon character who got the popularity in history and surprisingly attained audience love and appreciation.

Top Cat:

most popular cat cartoon charcaters13-013

Top cat is yellow colored intelligent and clever protagonist. There was a animated movie named, “Top Cat the Movie”. First, it was the Spanish but later English version was released in 2012.

Cait Sith:

most popular cat cartoon charcaters14-014

His name is pronounced as Kett Shee and is a robotic cat and belongs to “The King of Cats”. May be less of people heard about this cat but really the way this cat designed and animated is appreciable.


most popular cat cartoon charcaters15-015

If you have seen the movie, “Dragon Ball Z: Battles of God” then this cat cartoon character let you feel about God of destruction. Beerus is very powerful and devastating god.

The Pink Panther:

most popular cat cartoon charcaters16-016


most popular cat cartoon charcaters17-017

Blaze the Cat:

most popular cat cartoon charcaters18-018

Bonkers D.Bobcat:

most popular cat cartoon charcaters19-019


most popular cat cartoon charcaters20-020


most popular cat cartoon charcaters21-021

Chester Cheetah:

most popular cat cartoon charcaters22-022

Cheshire Cat:

most popular cat cartoon charcaters23-023

Alley-Kat Aabra:

most popular cat cartoon charcaters24-024

May be some of the cat cartoon characters have not won any award or may be some of them are not recognized by people but these were and are very popular among audience. As, this post serves most popular cat cartoon characters so as to spark light in heart and mind to get familiar with them. Popularity of a specific cartoon character doesn’t depends upon the awards but actually the appreciation and fan following.

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