40 New Born Baby Wishes and Messages from Loved Ones

Happy occasions call for celebrations. Although there are many happy occasions, baby birth has an infectious kind of joy associated with it. And the fact that babies bring a lot of good luck with them, makes their arrival extra special. Whether it is your relative or friend that has given birth to a baby, it’s important that you greet them first with a lovely message. I hope this set of New Born Baby Wishes and Messages from Loved Ones will prove to be helpful for you.

New Born Baby Wishes and Messages from Loved Ones

Sometimes the smallest Things takes up the Most space in your Heart.

The Littlest Feet make the Biggest Footprints in Mom n Dad’s Hearts.

A Baby makes Love Stronger, the days Shorter, the nights Longer, savings smaller and A home HAPPIER.

You make my Heart SMILE.

We loved you before we even met you.

You are GOLD baby, SOLID GOLD!!

A baby fills a Space in your Heart that you never knew was Empty.

There is a different feeling altogether of receiving wishes from near and dear ones. Some of the most important feelings are often shared through messages. And that is why the concept of writing to each other is still popular. Yes, letters have become obsolete, but sending and receiving messages through digital media hasn’t. When a baby is born, it’s not just the parents of the baby that become overjoyed, everyone feels extremely elated. That entire feeling of having a new member in the family is rewarding. Thankfully, there are many message samples available these days. You can pick what suits you best.

Wishes For New Born Baby Boy

Sleep, Eat, Poop, Repeat!!

Let me love you a Liitle more before you and nor Little anyone.

Big Things often have the small Beginnings.

How can one so little fill so many HEARTS!!

And so the ADVENTURE Begins!!

A lot of people love to have baby boys. And when the god blesses them with a lovely baby boy, their dream seems to get fulfilled. On this joyous occasion, they definitely expect wishes and prayers from their near and dear ones. If you know of someone who has recently welcomed a baby boy, then invariably wish them. Although you can pay a personal visit and then tell them how great you feel about the fact that they have a new member in their family, messages serve the same purpose.

Wishes For New Born Baby Girl

You are my Favorite reason to Loose SLEEP.

Fairy Tales do come True, Look at US we had YOU!!

All the God’s grace in one tiny FACE!!

BABY (noun); a little bit of heaven sent down to Earth.

Girls are a treasure trove of happiness. Starting from the day they fill their parents’ arms to the day they get themselves employed and support the family, they always make their parents proud. And that is why their birth should be celebrated. Never lose an opportunity to wish someone who has recently welcomed a baby girl. And no, you won’t have to travel all the way to the hospital to express your good wishes, you can always do so with a nice message. And don’t worry, there is no dearth of Wishes for new born baby Girl. All you need is to choose what suits your situation.

New Born Baby Message From Parents

People that say they slept like a baby usually don’t have one 😉

Happiness is….. a sleeping Baby !!

I Didn’t give you the GIFT OF LIFE, life gave me the GIFT OF YOU!!

You are LOVED Little one.

So, you have got a new baby, and you are super excited about it. But do you know, your parents are far happier than you are? They have become grandparents, after all. Although you know your parents are going to show up anytime, you can’t wait to know how they feel. Probably a message from them will make your day. Since you understand this, you should not show any kind of laxity in expressing your feelings for your grandchild, if at all you have recently become a grandparent. Don’t worry, there is no dearth of new born baby messages from parents. You can just check them out and choose whatever suits you.

Awesome People make awesome babies.

A moment in my TUMMY, A lifetime in my HEART.

There will never be a day like the day you baby is born.

Your First Breath took ours Away!!

There are hundreds of ways to express your good wishes, but there is nothing like expressing them with a cute message. The best thing about messages is that you can take your time to structure them. And when you patiently write something, you write really valuable stuff. A lot of people, however, don’t have the time to think of great things to write. But that doesn’t mean they can’t send messages as good wishes. They can do so. The internet is flooded with paid and unpaid sources that allow you to pick New Born Baby Wishes and Messages from Loved Ones. You can very well use them to your benefit.

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