30 Pictures of Black Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters have no specific color, satire, attire, looks and not even the body shape and size. Fictional cartoon characters are based on imagination and everyone has his/her favorite cartoon characters based on performance, looks, activities and even the creepiest ones. So, here you can check out most inappropriate cartoon characters. Moreover, what when it comes to differentiate cartoon characters on the bases on color, which one would you like to choose? Exactly, this post represents Pictures of black cartoon characters to brush up your memory about black cartoon characters.

black cartoon characters23

Black cartoon characters

The task of counting or remembering cartoon character names of specific color is not that easy at all. But being a cartoon lover the task should be accomplished. For instance, here is the list of famous green cartoon characters.

Storm :

black cartoon characters1

She is the queen of sky and gifted with supernatural power to control and manipulate weather conditions. She belongs to a good team of x-men and one of the famous cartoon characters from x-men cartoon characters.

Gaia :

black cartoon characters2

Yes she is so called mother an epitome of supernatural power given in the form of existed five elements on earth. She usually appears when the characters call her name by joining the rings of elements. She is a super heroine and one of the best characters from captain planet cartoon characters.


black cartoon characters3

This black guy can freeze anything he wants to, you might have seen him in one of the famous animated movie, ‘The Incredibles’. In the movie this man has to cover up his face.


black cartoon characters4

Another black guy from captain planet cartoon characters and one of the boy with ring of one of the five elements. He is so cool, isn’t he?


black cartoon characters5

She is cute and belongs to famous cartoon show, ‘Rugrat’. What exactly do you think of what makes her so cute? Don’t you appreciate her looks of hairstyle and the confident eyes?


black cartoon characters6

She is from the teen humor comic book named, Josie and the pussycats. This lady is tomboyish and does not act like her two pals at all.

John Stewart:

black cartoon characters7

The man of green color and power of green color and so called as green lantern. Yes, he is one of the powerful men in Green Lantern movie.

Fat Albert:

black cartoon characters8

The perfect combination of black color and lot of fat, and so his role makes us laugh and entertained. He deserves to be listed in the most famous fat cartoon characters.


black cartoon characters9

The tough guy from X men series and when it comes to know his abilities, he can extend self-repairing spikes from body and so he got perfect safety for himself.

Roberta Coretta Tubbs:

black cartoon characters10

A sexy black woman and main cartoon character of animated show, ‘The Cleveland show’. Do you know she got facebook and twitter page? Yes she does.


black cartoon characters11

This one is five years old kid and a brother of Robert Coretta tubs. Even though he is just kid but the fact is he is fond of watching models images on internet.

Heavy Duty:

black cartoon characters12

How did he get this name? Well, he is the guy from G.I. Joe and actually he is a specialist. This black guy was appeared in 1991 in comic book.

The remaining pictures of black cartoon characters are given below:

Little Bill-Little Bill:

black cartoon characters13

Juice-Justice league unlimited:

black cartoon characters14

Micron-Batman Beyond:

black cartoon characters15

Stalker-G.I. Joe:

black cartoon characters16


black cartoon characters17

BumbleBee- Teen Titans:

black cartoon characters18

Black Panther-Ultimate Avengers 2:

black cartoon characters19

Carl Carlson-The Simpsons:

black cartoon characters20

Tiana-Disney Princess:

black cartoon characters21

Foxxy Love-Drawn Together:

black cartoon characters22

Suga Mama-The proud family:

black cartoon characters23

Shana Elmsford-Jem:

black cartoon characters24

Cobra Bubbles-Lilo & stitch:

black cartoon characters25

Cartoon characters are true blend of happiness, laughter, inspiration and so on. However, these are fictional but undoubtedly can make a positive impact on our mind and lives. Kids love these imaginary animated characters and do there are positive effects of cartoons on kids mind. Moreover, the listed pictures of black cartoon characters have been the great source of fun for us. You got more names? Feel free to share with us in comment section and let us know if there is something needs to be added.

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