25 Pictures of Transformers Cartoon Characters

How does it feel when it comes to know that your car can transforms into automatic machine, which can talk, fight with extra ordinary weapons. Isn’t like dream comes true? That’s how cartoon industry has amazed audiences as shown in pictures of transformers cartoon characters. We have seen various villain cartoon character in movies and shows. And apart from that there is also a hero who fights with them to save people. Same happens in transformer cartoons but the thing which makes audience so fond of transformer are their machinery and weapons. Here are pictures of transformers cartoon characters to enlighten their presence in audiences.

Pictures of transformer cartoo characters21-021

Pictures of transformers cartoon characters

Transformers cartoon characters are actually divided in Autobots and Decepticons and their team leaders are named as Optimus prime and Megatron as well. In this list, you will have the various autobots and decepticons characters.

Sentinel Prime:

Pictures of transformer cartoo characters1-001

This transformer character is the former Autobots leader and in actual, is a red and black colored truck. He is brave and good in fighting and of course a good leader. And his weapons are cosmic rust blaster, a shield and a primax blade.

Optimus Prime:

Pictures of transformer cartoo characters2-002
He comes to earth and fought in order to end war with decepticons. Optimus prime is also a leader of autobots. In various series, it has shown that optimus prime has red fleame artwork on his body and when it comes to know about his finest weapons, a knight sword is enough to conquer decepticons.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters3-003

This is one of the finest and beautiful car (Chevrolet Camaro) in transformer series. A yellow colored car and always in funny mood but he always helps humans.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters4-004

A lieutenant as designation in Autobots. And he is fond of urban culture and a very pet to Optimus Prime. But, he was killed by Megatron by energon axe, in mission city.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters5-005

Ironhide seems to replace Jazz’s designation later and is weapon specialist for autobots. But he killed by sentinel prime in Dark of the moon. Ironhide can transform into medium-duty truck.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters6-006

Like in any real army medical officer, Ratchet is also a medic for all autobots and worked as rescue vehicle. In series, Age of Extinction, he lost his leg when they shooted him.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters7-007

He is monster truck toy as small in size as compared to others. Wheelie was the one the decepticons but later joined autobots and very played intelligent role in all series.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters8-001

A Lenovo Thinkpad laptop and a good friend of Wheelie. As same like Wheelie he was also in decepticons but joined autobots later. Autobots saved him but he was not happy because that time with them.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters9-009

The villain, and leader of decepticons. In various series we have seen that megatron can transforms into three different machines as a Jet, tank and armored mack titan truck. Actually, he comes with different looks and personality and always ready to kill optimus prime.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters10-010

This transformer character can transforms into F-22 raptor, a fighter jet. Actually he is the air commander of Decepticons and he is right hand of Megatron. But his role is limited in various series.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters11-011

Well, in starting series, he does not adopt any vehicle modes but later in Dark of the moon, he adopted Mercedes-Benz. And he killed by bumblebee in Chicago. They were in battle field.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters12-012

This one can transforms into black police car and was able to rescue Frenzy (decepticon) in his chest. And when this transformer came into existence was able to infiltrate earth as well. But like others, he was killed in battle, in Chicago by a bunch of soliders.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters13-013

So, he got impressive and scary name and can transforms into a buffalo H mine-protected vehicle. He was killed by optimus prime but again came in other series, Revenge of the fallen but finally killed by airstrike.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters14-014

He is actually a hydraulic mining excavator and one of the constructions. Actually constructions are sub-faction and the transformers can transform into construction vehicles.


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters15-015

One of the constructions and can transforms into concrete mixer truck so is quite aggressive and dangerous because of his capability to make chemical compositions of explosives and weapons.

Now, the remaining transformers cartoon characters are given below with pictures!


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters16-016


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters17-017


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters18-018


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters19-019


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters20-020


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters21-021


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters22-022


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters23-023


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters24-024


Pictures of transformer cartoo characters25-025

Transformers series have risen up to successful level and people are huge fan of various characters. Whether it’s in cartoon movies or real movie, or in video games and kids love to play games as well. Here we presented the pictures of transformers cartoon characters. And being a fan of transformer cartoon character you better share with us views in comments or if want to add more transformers cartoon characters in list.

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