50 Popular Animals that start with B | Animal Name List A-Z

What kinds of animals begin with the letter B? Most of you will think of birds, bears, bees, beetles or baboons. However, how many of you know, there are about 10,500 species of known birds, 16,000 different species of bees, five species of baboons, eight species of bears and an estimate of 400,000 species of beetles? So, here is a massive list of 50 animals that start with b.

1. Babirusa | Animals names that start with B

The Babirusa is a genus of animals of some kind of wild pig found in tropical rain forests. They feed up leaves, mushrooms and mangoes. Their body length is about 87 to 106 cm. 

2. Baboon | Animals that start with B

In English, they are known as Old World monkeys are found in Arabia and Africa. Guinea baboon has a height of 50 cm and weighs only 14 kg. 

3. Badger

Badger is a pet and found in India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and Africa. These creatures disregard safety and security when participating in a beehive, relocation which typically leading to fatality.

4. Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is a carnivore and frequently feeds on fish. These animals that start with the letter b resides in the southeast location from Alaska.

5. Bandicoot

Bandicoot is a small marsupial found in Australia. They are very similar in appearance to the mice as they have a long, pointed snout, and the body and the head are short and compact with a thin, long tail.

6. Barbet

The barbet is a rare type and is totally brown, dark, black and white. Male barbet grows around 53 to 64 centimetres tall and weighs 18 to 27 kilograms. Females grow approximately 51 to 58 cm and weigh 14 to 23 kg.

7. Basilisk

It is a sizable reptile, a gigantic serpent or a three-foot hen tail with pearly white. 

8. Bat | Animals that start with B

These animals that start with a b have incredibly extended hands and an airfoil membrane stretched between, resembling the individual hand. Almost 1,000 bat types can be found globally. 

9. Batfish

This unique fish has a bunch of adjustments that create it to appear and function incredibly. It can easily change its pectoral, pelvic and rectal fin and hinge on the sea flooring on them. 

10. Bear

Bears are wild animals, can stand on two legs, claws, and have lengthy noses. They have huge paws, are round-eared with a small tail and are sturdy and robust. 

11. Bearded Dragon | Animals names that start with B

Bearded dragons are lizards native to Australia. They have large triangular heads and flat bodies with pointed ridges along the sides. Their scales are spiny and appear dangerous but are soft, flexible, and not very sharp. 

12. Beaver

The beaver is a giant nocturnal, semiaquatic rodent. They are the animals names that start with b are the second-largest rodent around the world after the capybara.

13. Bed Bug | Animals that start with the letter B

They are parasitic bugs from the cimicid family that feed on blood. Bed bugs are found inside or near beds and various other sleeping areas.

14. Bee

Bees are flying insects closely related to ants and wasps, famous for their role in pollination. The European honey bee is known for producing honey and beeswax.

15. Bee-eater

A bee-eater is a richly coloured, slender bird. It is 16– 18 centimetres long, with around 2 inches of elongated central tail feathers.

16. Beetle | Animals names that start with B

Beetles are a team from bugs. They are enlarged into a shell-like defence for the back set as well as the beetle’s mid-section. 40% of all illustrated insect types are beetles, and also new species are discovered regularly.

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17. Betta | Animals that start with B

All the Betta varieties are small fishes, and they can quickly inhale atmospheric air using a unique organ called the labyrinth. 

18. Bettong | Animals names that start with B

The bettong is a small animal that eats pests, caterpillars, roots and tubers. It is found in grassy woodlands and rainforests. 

19. Bilby | Animals that start with the letter B

Bilbies or rabbit-bandicoots are marsupial omnivores. These animals that start with b are 55 centimetres long, omitting the rear, typically around 29 centimetres long.

20. Binturong

Binturong is a thick black-feathered predator resembling a bear with a lengthy tail, a thick moustache, and long like a kitty. They weigh 6 to 14 kg. 

21. Birds

Birds are endothermic vertebrates characterized by feathers, toothless beaked jaws, lightweight but strong skeletons.

22. Bird-of-paradise

The birds of paradise are found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and also eastern Australia. They are the animals that start with the letter b possesses very elongated and sophisticated plumes stretching from the beak, airfoils, and tailor crown.

23. Bison | Animals that start with B

A bison is a group of even-toed mammals. They stay in the river valley and the levels grasslands whose primary meal is yard and plants.

24. Bitterling

The Bitterling is a pleasant freshwater fish. It originates in Europe, coming from the Rhone Waterway basin in France to the Neva River in Russia.

25. Bittern

Bitterns are a category from birds in the heron household of Pelican order of paddling birds. These animals that start with a b feed on amphibians, lizards, pests, and fish.

26. Black-footed Cat

The black-footed cat is the littlest African pussy-cat, found in the dry southwest region of the southern African sub-region. It is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red Checklist as the population is thought to reduce due to bushmeat poaching, oppression, web traffic collisions and predation by residential animals.

27. Black-footed Ferret

This animal is referred to as the United States polecat or pasture pet dog hunter. Black-footed Ferret is vulnerable on the IUCN list due to its relatively tiny and restricted populations.

28Black devil | Animals names that start with B

It is a variety of fish in the family Melanocetidae. It lives in deep water and can be found in temperate regions across the world.

29. Blue Sheep | Animals that start with B

One can find Blue Sheep or Himalayan blue sheep in the native Himalayas. These animals names that start with b weighs 35-75 kilograms. They span from 115-165 cm, with a tail span from 10-20 centimetres. 

30. Blue Whale | Animals that start with the letter B

The blue whale is a marine mammal belonging to the suborder of baleen whales. Its length reaches more than 33 meters, and mass was recorded at 181 tons or more. 

31. Bluebird

The bluebirds are a team of mid-sized, insectivorous or even omnivorous birds. They are the animals that start with b have blue or combination of blue and increased off-white, quill. 

32. Boa

The boa is a species of sizable, heavy-bodied snake. It belongs to the household Boidae found in North, Central, and South of the United States, along with some isles in the Caribbean.

33. Bobcat

Bobcat is a North American mammal of the family Felidae. It is an adaptable predator that inhabits wooded areas, semi-desert, urban edge, forest edge, and swamp environments. 

34. Bongo

Bongo (antelope) is of African origin, having dark brown fur and white stripes and spiral horns. These animals that start with the letter b are hard to find because they rarely appear in an open environment and live in small groups.

35. Booby

A booby is a seabird in the category Sula, part of the Sulidae household. 

36. Bowerbird

Bowerbirds are known for their courtship behaviour, where men create a structure and embellish that with sticks and also brilliantly coloured objects in an attempt to attract a friend.

37. Broadbill

The broadbills are tiny passerine birds found in sub-Saharan Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

38. Brown Bear | Animals that start with the letter B

Brown bear lives in the eastern region of Eurasia and North America. They weigh 130-700 kg. 

39. Budgie

The budge referred to as the typical dog parakeet, or shell parakeet, is a tiny, long-tailed, seed-eating parrot.

40. Bulbul

Bulbul birds have a melodious voice. The forests become noisier due to their voice, especially in the mornings and evenings. 

41. Bull | Animals that start with the letter B

Bulls are more muscular compared to cows, with more thick bone tissues, more giant feet, a significant muscle neck, and a large, bony head along with safety spines over the eyes. 

42. Bullfrog

Bullfrog is an aquatic toad, and people harvest to use as a food in Canada, the United States, and some other countries. 

43. Bunny

Bunny is a common name for a rabbit. They are those animals that start with a b are tiny creatures in the family Leporidae found worldwide.

44. Bunting 

They are seed-eating birds with squat, cone-shaped costs. Buntings are the Vintage substitutes of the species recognized in North America as (United States) sparrows. 

45. Bush Dog

Bush dog is a type of canid found in Central America and South America. Their closest living relatives are the wolf bersurai from central South America.

46. Bushbaby

They are little, nocturnal primates found in continental Africa. The name originates from either the creature’s wails or even its look. 

47. Bushshrike

These small passerine birds feed on pests and other targets coming from a perch on a plant. These animals that start with b come in brilliant colours or primarily dark. 

48. Bustard

Bustards are big, terrestrial birds living in dry meadow places and on the steppes from the Vintage. They are omnivorous and feed on leaves, seeds, fruit, small animals, and invertebrates.

49. Butterfly

Butterflies are insects in the clade Rhopalocera from the order Lepidoptera, which also features moths. Adult butterflies have sizable, frequently vibrantly coloured segments and conspicuous, ruffling trips.

50. Buzzard

It is a large-sized bird of prey and ranges 40 to 58 cm in length with a 109-136 cm breadth. 

So, these are the top 50 animals names that start with b. Please comment if you know of any exciting animals. 

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