15 Popular Captain Planet Characters and Villains

Captain Planet and the Planeteers is a well known animated educational cartoon series that no one could ever forget and every parent will proudly tell their children about. The comedy look of those cartoon characters can still make grownups laugh harder than any other memory could. Fun fact! Cartoons play a significant role in educating morals to kids who are generally reluctant towards what their parents tend to explain. Moreover, cartoons can play significant role in health sector as well.

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Popular Captain Planet Characters and Villains from a well known children show was one such superb series which focused upon deterioration of Mother Nature’s miraculous beauty. Captain planet intro would be incomplete without knowing about the one who created this amazing show! Mr. Ted Turner made children learn in a funny way by centralizing this wonderful idea in 1990 whose heroes are still loved and villains will be defeated forever.

Popular captain planet characters and villains

Captain planet

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David Coburn amazingly voiced the role of captain planet. Gaia made a team of planeteers to fight the villains spoiling earth’s atmosphere wherein captain planet had the superpower when these planeteers gathered their individual powers together.


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  • Whoopi Goldberg gave life to this never existing character for this show up to 1993 further handling over the task to Margot Kidder poured life into the heroic character of the cartoon.
  • The deteriorating conditions of planet made her give five rings to five planeteers belonging to different continents. Those five was to help them control earth, fire, wind, water and heart.


Popular Captain Planet Characters and Villains3-003

Kwame was an African teenager with the exclusive powers to control earth. LeVar Burton made this character speak off his emotions for earth and especially for plants. Kwame own a greenhouse at Hope Island as to save plants and greenery.


Popular Captain Planet Characters and Villains4-004

Gi was the second to put her power together after Kwame as to evolve captain planet. Janice Kawaye voiced this amazing diplomatic character of the show. Gaia picked her up from Asia and gave her powers of water. She was often the most mature character who insisted the other four to crave for a correct deed. Why don’t you check out the sexy cartoon characters?


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Despite of being the third planeteers to gather the power the first two, he is the one who knows least about saving the planet. He is, eventually, the one who keeps on flirting with Linka along with having a short tempered head at quite some situations.


Popular Captain Planet Characters and Villains6-006

  • Lover of birds who studied about birds’ life so closely that she gets hurt when birds get hurt.
  • This girl with the powers of wind was voiced by Kath Soucie who belonged to Soviet Union had feelings for wheeler.
  • She was the master of computers in this show who often plotted down the strategies to shoot troubles off.


Popular Captain Planet Characters and Villains7-007

How nice it would be if ever Ma-Ti existed in real to pour emotions and feelings to care and love the world around everyone! Yes, he was the holder of powers of heart. Being the youngest of those five planeteers, this “kid” was the fifth one to summon powers who could communicate eleven with animals telepathically.

Hoggish Greedly

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A human characterized as a pig who throughout the 113 episodes is representing that greed is badly fatal and over-consumption causes harm. He is the first villain of thus cartoon show who was given voice by Edward Asner.

Verminous Skumm

Popular Captain Planet Characters and Villains9-009

This second villain is half human and half rat opposing the goodness of the planet by representing the effects of ill-sanitation and evils; was voiced by Jeff Goldblum for one year and then Maurice LaMarche took over the job. He had the power to control and also commanded The Rat Gang.

Dr. Blight

Popular Captain Planet Characters and Villains10-010

  • This third villain have scary look with half of the face covered with hair displaying the side effects of using science wrongly and stupid use of experiments.
  • She owns a supercomputer with evil intellectuality named MAL which could control computer and make it virus infected.

Duke Nukem

Popular Captain Planet Characters and Villains11-011

A doctor was miraculously transformed into a radioactive freak. This monster represented the ill usage of nuclear powers. He had ability to see x-rays and developed certain harmful radiations from his hands.

Indeed, “the power is yours”. The power to love nature is yours but never e er expect the power to invade nature’s beauty to be yours. And these popular captain planet characters and villains are the symbols of nature power. Be a reason behind why Mother Nature smiles, animals laugh and plants breath out oxygen for you. Live this age of being a adorable child of your planet!

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