Best 15 Popular Comic Books you need to read

A comic book is also known as a magazine, which mainly consists of comic part and is represented with different set of scenes. These scenes are in the set of panels which contains pictures along with narrations or dialogues to explain the scene. If you’re really passionate about the comics then, you must have the knowledge about the history of comic Books. Let’s have a look at some popular comic books.

Popular comic books you need to read

A huge number of people are very passionate about the comic books, but with the advancement of technology, the passion is transferring from comic books to cartoons. But these two are one and the same thing.. The basic and core reason behind the comic books or cartoons is to reduce the mental stress and move us towards the room of uncontrollable Laughter and precious Happiness.


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It is one in the list of Best Comics ever written list, and has amazed people with its story line who considered that books with drawings are only for kids.

  • Spiegelman has explained the story in two volumes which talks about his life during World War II and after that his life in USA.
  • The pride of the book comes from Jews which have been drawn as mice, Nazis as cats and further Americans as Beagles.

Detective Comics:

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The most important character of the book is Batwoman who shall be spotted in cape and cowl and also carried pathos which was quite unique and was often worn when fighting against Gotham.

Rising stars:

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Straczynski wrote some of the most popular comic books like Babylon 5 and Clint Eastwood’s Changeling which makes his book quite popular in a specific circle.

  • The comic talks about exploring about the ways society should react with the advent of superpowers.
  • The story is narrated from the future by a last living person; however the story keeps turning to the flashback almost all the time.


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Ultron offers so much variety to the book and also gives reader a vision and about the design of the robots. His imaginations and thought has given different level to the story.

Locke and key:

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The comic revolves around the members of the Locke family who have moved to New Zealand home because of a horrible murder.

  • The demon of the story comes in the form of Rendell who is possessed by the soul of Dodge.
  • The comic is full of demon characters, but what is interesting to read is the cruelty of Dodge that makes him one of the best characters of the story.

New Gods:

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The book talks about nature vs. Nurture and many Gods became a part of the comic book. It is the must read book for religious comic lovers.

Sex Criminals:

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The comics are quite interesting to read and the main character of the comic is pretty much different from the usual ones to add spice to the book.

  • She has the power to stop time with her orgasm and this is quite enough to bring out the gist of the book.
  • The girl is spotted to rob bank and also sets an example for the selfish guys.


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The Hero Discovered: The comic book has been written by Matchstick and he picks up themes in such a beautiful manner making it very interesting and also keeps the readers attached to it.


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The comic book has bought in one of the most different concept in the history of books gets a psychic whenever he eats anything while solving the crimes.

  • The psychic character in the comic is quite amazing to watch and also an interesting one because of its amazing feature.
  • Another important character in the book is Tony Chu which has been introduced in the book to keep the readers emotionally related to the book.

Pep Comics:

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Jughead the leading character is quite interesting and plays as nerd in the book. The character is quite different and loves hat and foods, and runs away from the feelings of love and romance.


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It is a perfect example of a fantasy book which is influenced by star wars and also by what ideas comes in as a child and a parent.

  • The first issue of the book was released in the year 2012 and it came out as one of the fast selling book.
  • The comic was described as “Star Wars meets Game of thrones” and has been acclaimed as mixture of science fiction and fantasy by the critics.

The Sandman:

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The book has been written by Mike Carey wherein he again made the effort to bring in front of readers the challenge to make difference between good and evil.


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The series has been written in the best possible way and the characters matches so well with the book that nothing better could have been expected out of it.

  • The series deals with various characters both from fairies and folk stories.
  • The book was first published in the year 2002 and till date 145 publications have been released in the market.

Destroyer Duck:

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Groo is one of the strongest characters of the book and fights big battles with the strength of blades and other equipments.

Comical Funnies:

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It is an American humor book which consists of various strips of comic instances.

  • Peter Begge’s a character in the book should not be copied as he is quite petty and a loser.
  • Generation X’ers did not have an idea as to when they were made fun of and all of it was portrayed here.
    Enjoy with these popular comic books!!

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