How Important is Privacy for Teens | Pros and Cons

They’re no more toddlers! Your upbringing has led them from toddlers to teenagers now! Their demands, expectations and ways of living life are different now or may be quite objective sometimes. Raising a kid was obviously not that easy, but when it comes to guarding teenagers, you may have hard times and it’d not be an easy-going thing. Teen boys and girls are seriously conscious about their privacy and personal concerns. Let’s find out how much more relevant is the privacy for teens.

Privacy for teens

Privacy is not just providing your teens a separate bedroom and tech gadgets. If you’re looking for a bedroom design, check out the teen girl bedroom ideas. Though, you have served them a lot of facilities and required freedom being a responsible parent so as to make the teen self-dependent so they can learn responsibilities and duties. And you never know when your kid becomes the next genius scientist or unfortunately a dork with mental pressure and learn misbehavior.

Why do teens need privacy!

Let’s talk straight! Teens want to make their relationship stronger and friendly with pals so need privacy or else you may shout at them just because you heard the laughing noise or something noisy.

  • The Teens got to plan and discuss lots of things and they just don’t want to share with you at that very moment. It’s just that they expect your trust.
  • It doesn’t seem likely to spend hours on the internet or social sites, they want to handle collage projects and entertainment themselves as they want it to be, sorry but, teens don’t want parents to show possessiveness to do this to do that!
  • Snooping around the teen’s bedroom won’t help that way! This way, parents would create mistrust instead, respecting their privacy will cause teenagers to share information happily and build strong friendly relationship.
  • You know now, there are grown up now mentally and physically. Not every time a girl can share all her personal hygiene with mom not even a teen boy, so let them know and handle it themselves. Actually, there are ways you can help teen girl to make her understand the menstruation. 

Pros on teen privacy!

Just think about your teen ages when you used to play in your room with siblings, organized a clubhouse with your pals, planned the collage party and awakened late night.  But, time has changed now; as you know even a single teen is not alone in his/her bedroom as he got laptop, internet, mobile and music system and other lot of stuff.

  • If you respect their privacy concerns and show trust, then ultimately they will treat you as a friend and share things, daily updates or plans.
  • This is the time when they don’t expect you to be the guardians only, but friends, once you start treating them that way, kids would love to indulge you in their personal life happily.
  • Teens secrecy will help parents with the decision making, quality as the kids got their personal spaces, then surely they’d assist and help you with household things.
  • Gadgets and online surfing is really assisting to everyone of us, the new education system relies on giving files and homework projects via mails and websites, and if the guardians truly show trust with their online time, in reverse teens can teach you about computer and internet, hence better relationship.

Cons on teen privacy!

Some of you may deny providing the personal space to the kids because you are parents and you have to and should know everything about what’s going around or in the kids’ bedroom. You can check the wardrobes, bags and what’re they doing on laptop, but this way you’re going to lose their trust.

  • There are chances teens would start hiding everything from you as your sneak-peek would cause them to do so.
    Surveys suggested that every year, teens that are served more than enough privacy turned into drug addicts or made serious crimes.
  • Teen ages are self-discovery years and without right direction and guidance they could end up with physical or mental problems. That’s for sure that this way there’ll be no friendly relationship with teens. But if you want to build a strong friendly relation, read some tips here.
  • Yes, virtual life may seem sweet and beautiful, but there have been lots of cyber complaints about cyberbullying, cheating and account hacking and much more, such freedom could make happen these type of unwanted moments.
  • Despite the other benefits of spending time alone, privacy, sometimes brings anxiety and stress to the teens.

Guardians, it’s not a one way road! The Privacy concerns of teens change with time and this is time when you got to look deep into it. Did you find this article helpful? Let’s know your views on teen privacy.

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