42 Simple Newspaper Craft Ideas for Kids (With Tutorials)

Hey kiddo! Once again we’re here with time-killing craft ideas so you can learn and fun together! This time, we got you something easy and simple to do! You got lots of newspaper at your home, right! And it’s sure-shot that you don’t give a damn to all pages to read everything. But, since you got kilos of newspaper in your storeroom let us get you some ideas of simple newspaper craft ideas for kids and with complete step by step tutorials.

Simple Newspaper Craft Ideas for Kids

Hey bud! It’s totally fine if you’re not good with craft work and if it’s going to be the first ever time for you, then you better practice with some easy craft ideas.

Basket Craft:

This may seem pretty difficult to craft but once you start making it slowly slowly and precisely step by step and keeping in mind the required step and design. This bucket can used in bedroom, study room so you can put books, and favorite magazines. Apart from simple news paper craft ideas for kids, here are some origami craft you should check

Basket Pot:

Yes, another masterpiece for your indoor garden hack, there are moments when you look for best and decorative garden pot and so is this basket pot. Make sure to put the light-weight flower pot as it can’t bear heavy weight.
when it comes to simple newspaper craft ideas for kids, basket pot might be your best ever craft work, once it’s done.

Rose flower:

Not every time you can’t have real rose but since it’s about newspaper craft ideas for kids, it’s pretty much sure to make a rose by newspaper. Follow the step-by-sep procedure and get it done in few minutes. Though this might needs you some supplies i.e. scissor, tape and glue.

Christmas craft:

Ahan! This one is worth making as a Christmas craft ideas and much more have to be done on this day. It’s when you got to gift your pals or relatives and you seek for something creative to make your present look unique and impressive, so is this craft. Here, check out the more Christmas craft ideas.

News paper wreath:

You can’t buy yourself a new door wreath! Yes, it’s a true fact! And if it’s planned that you want to craft a door wreath yourself then there are plenty of ideas to make but with newspaper, it’s quite easy so you can give a Newspaper-welcome to  the guests.

Flower hair pin:

Hey gals! We agree that you can’t tie your hair all the time, especially when you’re home! But, what if you got an easy alternative to hold your hair instead of using those tight hair bands! Make yourself a hair pin, and if you got lots of newspaper, then you can craft as much as you can! No worries if you lose one!

Halloween hat:

Woah! Isn’t the one of the most awaiting simple newspaper craft ideas for kids? Halloween festival brings terrific and captivating ideas to have fun, creepy and horrible costumes and even though you got everything, but you can add-on a Halloween hat this time! If you need Halloween quotes to nail the party, here are best of them.

Laundry bucket:

Little folks! Your mommies might scold you last time just because you don’t hand her with your personal stuffs, like helping her with laundry. Next time help her with having her with your washing clothes by putting them in this your own hand-made laundry bucket.

Wall clock:

Well, this is not mere a craft just for fun, but this one will show you real time! Yes, Craft some newspaper pipes and make a prototype of real clock so you can fit the cell and the right connections.

Hang the Dictionary:

Yes, you might be pissed off every time you search for the dictionary book and then seek that one required word-meaning! That’s really insane and time-consuming! Well, this craft idea can help you a lot with that issue.

Simple newspaper craft ideas for kids are easy to make and would be a great fun. Craft and artwork for kids can be dynamic and innovative for parents as well, if they participate with them. Have fun!

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