20 Things to do before you turn 25

You are not a teen anymore and every next level of your life needs different version of you so is the life! Life is full of surprises and things to accomplish. Turning 25 is literally legit milestone of life as that will be of almost quarter of your life. You are young and energetic and at this phase of life you got to do few things which would surely encourage you and uplift your self-improvement for future.

Things to do before you turn 25

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Take care of your body:

It always starts from your health! You can’t fix problems or hit your goal if you’re not healthy enough to do some mental or physical work. Do yoga, workout and feed yourself healthy.

Spend quality time with parents:

Celebrating your teen years, making new friends and setting new goals might get you busy but meanwhile all this, don’t miss those moments when you can make memories with parents. Learn from their experiences

Learn self defense:

You never know when you get yourself in that situation and parents worry when teen girls are outside. Join an academy and learn Krav Maga, Karate or other self defense course so to face and conquer any unexpected mishap.

Twenty seconds of courage:

When you are about to cross you teen ages, you are making a certain willpower and adamant attitude towards your commitment and life’s situation. And there will be moment when you got to make sure-shot decision and you feel shy or fear of failure, but, guys, trust me it takes just 20 seconds of courage that can change your life.

Keep a pet or a plant:

It’s about having pet or plant but is more than that. Once you start watering and take care of a plant you can sense the positivity around you and as you know pets are best friends. A dog or a cat could bring that eternal happiness and unconditional love.

Meditation camp:


Your life is the resultant of your actions, actions are the resultant of thoughts and thoughts come from mind. Being silent is the best exercise, reaching your core depth will give the solid strata where you can rise up from. Meditation helps you with anxiety, weakness and other psychological disorder.

Get driving license:

You know how to drive, right? Though you don’t own a car now, nor even you dad gifted but still you got to get your driving license and other official documents. Who knows when you get to drive long way or in any emergency.

Take up an adventure sport you are scared of:

Phobia is the word actually! It could be of water, height or speed or anything. Normally, people would recommend you to get a doctor and so on. But you yourself can get over it, write down it as challenge and go for it and conquer it, all you need to do is just ‘do it’ and have that 20 seconds of courage as that will push you doing what you feared of.

Let go of things:

Yeah! You have witnessed many downs in life and you will see more in future but you can’t win everything or get over things all time. Sometimes, you just let them go and that’s how you can only move on towards your future. Just accept the fact and move on!

Hit 30 day challenge:

That’s about making yourself ‘habitual’ to something new, it could be new skill, new language, workout routine or a technical course which you have not thought of that you would do one day. Just follow the routine for 30 days and you will be used to it.

Get yourself away from negative people and vice-versa:

Your environment affects you lot, it could encourage you or get you down! You better stay away from negative people and start making companions of strong positive attitude and healthy vibes.

Don’t fear of taking risks:

You’re shy girl who finds it difficult to talk publicly or in your collage? You want to give a try to that unique idea but could not make a first move just because of failure? Baby, through that shit away and do it, take risk!

Know when to say NO!

Say No if you feel so! You don’t owe people anything, never compromise with your dignity or self-respect. You don’t have to do anything just because your pals insisted you doing it, be yourself and say No when you feel it.

Live alone:

No family and no pals just you! Living alone will help you understanding a totally different side of life. You will come out of your comfortable zone and learn some life changing things.

Plan your investments or savings:

Plant it now and reap fruits later! Today’s savings will aid you in future or in need and you got to think about it right now if you have not yet.


There is no other thing that can teach you life’s best lessons but traveling. Travelling solo or with pals is something you will enjoy and appreciate later, yes, do it and see the change in your life and perspective.

Manage your finances yourself:

You’re grown up! Live on yourself and then only you can respect yourself and value money!
Buy yourself expensive clothes, pay your bills and anything, do it on yourself.

Learn new language:

Consider English if it’s not your first language as you can see, English has become a common language around world and if you are good with it then it’s going to help you lot, seriously.

Get lost somewhere:

It means, go somewhere and enjoy being there as you will get many things to explore and it will be fascinating and awesome experience to have once in life time.

Feel the nature:

Mother nature has lot to share with you! You got to listen it, feel it and accept it as it is. Go on high atop hill, into a jungle and just close your eyes and breathe and tell us how it feels!

These 20 things to do before you turn 25 could bring you that life changing moment or a boost up charge so you can live happily and more productive life heading towards your goals. Do share your bucket list with us or things to do before 25 as per you!

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