Tom and Jerry, The Best Friendship Ever

No wonder, cartoons are incomparable source of fun and laughter with all humor, dialogues and weird things. And sometimes the relation between two or more cartoon characters may let people to realize the importance of relations in real life. Some of the cartoon characters are known for relation as father, mother and friend and when it comes to friendship relation, Tom and Jerry got the preference. So, get ready to know secrets and assets of a cat and mouse friendship relation.

Tom and Jerry, the best friendship ever3

Tom and Jerry, the best friendship ever

However, we have seen them fighting together in television shows but actually they are friends and now become as best cartoon’s friendship and best friendship ever.

Tom and Jerry cartoon character:

Tom and Jerry, the best friendship ever4

The two animated American characters are now famous among the world and kids love to watch a cat and mouse, fighting in cartoon show. However, Tom and Jerry always fight in show; Tom always tries to catch Jerry but Jerry is a smart and brave mouse so that he always found a way to get rid of Tom. So, where is the friendship in it? Actually their fighting and running scenes always made us laugh but in the end whenever they face any problem, fought together to get over that. So, let’s know more about their friendship and today this post depicts moments of their precious friendship.

Whenever they eat:

Tom and Jerry, the best friendship ever1

In various series, Tom showed as pet animal and his owner feed him very well but Jerry (mouse) have to steal food all the time, specially the cheese. And whenever, Jerry tries to steal food or a piece of cheese, Tom wants to kill him but never succeeded. Here, the moment comes of their friendship. Like sometimes, whenever Jerry wants to get food and asked politely tom to eat. Sometimes, these two friends eat together. Here, the best friendship comes and hit the audience’s heart.

Whenever they face any problem:

Tom and Jerry, the best friendship ever2

Well, both of them are quite possessive about their houses. Of course they lived in same house but whenever any unknown person or animal tries to harm their house. These two best friends don’t let anyone to harm their house. As we have seen that they fought together against any problem. Their team work always leads them towards success and lastly their friendship won millions of heart.

Whenever they play:

Tom and Jerry, the best friendship ever5

Usually in various episodes, both of these cartoon characters play together. And Tom has a naughty nature that he always wants to harm Jerry at any cost. And whenever he found Jerry in problem or pain, he always helped Jerry to save him. This shows that Tom also owns a kind heart and feelings of friendship.

What we can learn from Tom and Jerry’s relation:

Tom and Jerry, the best friendship ever7

These two cartoon characters are great teachers for every viewer in fact for kids especially. Here are the things to realize about their relation. People faces problems, personal issues with loved ones and do unexpected things. But by watching these two cartoon characters, one can learn how to deal with situation. In life, relations are supposed to be incomparable and we have to keep them safe and when it comes to face a problem, we must face it together.

It is quite surprising to see a cat and mouse’s strong friendship. However, cartoon world is imaginary but can teach us many lessons. Professional suggests elders to watch cartoons with kids so as to make strong relation between children and parents.

How to get connected with Tom and Jerry cartoon characters:

Tom and Jerry, the best friendship ever6

In order to get connected with these two naughty and smart cartoon characters, best opt is watching cartoon shows on television regularly. But as the technology and life style of people has risen up so higher that now there are many ways to get connected with cartoons. Being a die-hard fan of Tom and Jerry people can do many things to make them a part of life.
Now-a-days, tattooing is in trend and youngsters are fond of inked body part. So, one can have tattoo of these cartoon characters.
T-shirts and jeans can be made stylish by having a picture or name of Tom and Jerry on them. You can do it by yourself or can get by order. Kid’s bedrooms can be painted with cartoon pictures on walls to get stay connected with your favourite cat and mouse friends.

Tom and Jerry, the best friendship ever00

Some of cartoon characters are creepy, weird and intelligent as their body, attire and activities decide the title. With the way of becoming fast and naughty, Jerry comes under intelligent cartoons niche. And it takes time to make a bench mark for other cartoons and now a cat and mouse have made their own title as Tom and Jerry, the best friendship ever. Undoubtedly, cartoon industry is still serving new cartoon characters but it won’t be easy to make cartoons like Tom and Jerry ever.

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