Top 100 Cute and Unusual Baby Boy Names with Meanings

So, you got a champ, a genius, a stud and so called as cute son. You might have planned many things for him for upcoming events in days and life. Toys and dresses are one of the first things that parents prefer for their baby boys and meanwhile the dilemma of deciding cute name for baby might get you confused.

Top 100 Cute and Unusual Baby Boy Names1

Receiving phone calls and messages from relatives and pals suggesting their favorite names for baby boy might also enhance that confusion. But, this post is worth enough for that confusion as you are having top 100 cute and unusual baby boy names.

Top 100 Cute and Unusual baby boy Names

A name should signify the meaning of itself as with the boy. Therefore, meaning of the name should be considered when it comes to decide cute baby boy names.

Freddy: Peaceful Ruler-This name belongs to German country as it indicates the old German name Frithuric.

David: Beloved- Aww! This must be chosen as everyone is going to love this boy and moreover it was the common name of Scottish king.

Ethan:Strong-Yeah! This name is suitable for your boy as he just got cute looks with strong determination.

Noah:Long-lived-So, one of the famous Hebrew names for baby boys and can be used as Nae and Nooa as well.

Finn: Fair-Well, this name got two meanings as from Irish, its meaning is fair and from Gaelic, meaning is small blond soldier.

Top 100 Cute and Unusual Baby Boy Names2

Jack: God is gracious-After knowing the meaning who would not want to choose this name for cute baby boy and it’s cool as well.

Jordan: According to American name, its meaning is the river of judgment.

Justin: Means just and fair, and so also known as with Latin word for male gender.

Kelly: A warrior and Irish surname for people.

Leon: A Latin name and meaning is Lion.

Bob: It’s famous among Americans and Germans and in German, meaning is Bright.

Cade: The meaning is small battle or spirit of battle so the name is unusual for baby boys.

Raul: An American baby name and a form of name, Ralph.

Gannon: Fair skinned and fair haired and recommended for Irish families.

Pike: A short and cute name and is common surname in USA.

Top 100 Cute and Unusual Baby Boy Names3

Blue: Yet another cute name is blue or Blu.

Cesar: The word belongs to biblical names, means the one who is cut out of womb.

Colin: The name with multiple origins and with cute meaning is cute pup.

Jim: A short and cute name for baby boys and its meaning is Supplanter.

Kris: Meaning is the one who follows church.

Kevin: This name simply means that someone who is handsome by birth.

Rohan: This name is widely famous as this comes from Sanskrit which means, ascending.

Mike: Hebrew word with the meaning; who is like god.

Neil: Choose this name if you want you baby boy to be a champion and passionate.

Tony: A highly praiseworthy name as its meaning says.

Alex: The Greek word with beautiful meaning, Defender of men.

Top 100 Cute and Unusual Baby Boy Names4

Soren: Stern

Evan: Masculine name and can be used as Ivan.

Kurt: A German name with alias curt.

Mark: Yeah, the owner of facebook and meaning is consecrated to the god mars.

Steve: Derived from the Greek name.

Sid: Wide island

Tyler: Title maker and an English name.

Lee: Clearing Meadow.

Daniel: God is my judge

Logan: Hollow, Yeah the guy with blades in X-men

Top 100 Cute and Unusual Baby Boy Names5

Ryan: it means King

Isaac: Laughter

Adam: Earth, so is the beautiful name

Toby: God is good

Bobby: Bright fame

Ben: Son of south

Reece: Enthusiasm

Jackson: God is gracious and so the pop singer MJ is famous.

Max: Latin word with meaning, greatest.

Top 100 Cute and Unusual Baby Boy Names6


Alvin: Wise friend

Barin: Noble fighter

Boone: Good

Boris: A true warrior

Tyler: Tiller of roofs- can keep people together.

Sean: Gift from god- In Irish this name is considered as blessings.

Conway: Holy river

Robert: Bright with the glory

Top 100 Cute and Unusual Baby Boy Names7

Michael: Who is like god

Remo: The strong one- people with this name can inspire others

Badru: One who born in full moon-Egyptian name for babies

Roman: In Latin, the meaning is, man of Rome but so known as strong.

Roy: Red- Famous Scottish name for baby boys.

Thomas: Twin

Uriel: Angel of light

Seth: Appointed- The boy of Adam in Bible

Charlie: Free man- The main character in peanuts

cute and unusual baby boy names1

Bruce: The Willowlands and think brush

Erick: One or alone- sounds cool

Braxton: Brown’s town

Wesley: A field to west

Will: Will-helmet- can refer to William Shakespeare

Victor: Conqueror- Roman name revived in 90s

Patrick: Patron saint of Ireland

Kyle: A place referring name to narrows.

Leonardo: Lion-bold- This one is Portuguese.

Aidan: Fiery one- an Irish name for boys

Antonia: This is universal name beyond the regions and countries either it’s Spanish, Italian or Portuguese.

Top 100 Cute and Unusual Baby Boy Names12

Jax: God has shown favor

Jayce: Healing- It could be for boy and girl

Omar: Gifted-speaker- So the one known as speaker

Karter: Cart maker- Undoubtedly it’s short and cute name

Oscar: Divine spear

Nicholas: People’s victory

Brady: Broad; Spirited- Irish baby name

Caden: Spirit of battle

Cody: Helpful- also known as one who always gets help

Felix: Lucky- Mostly used in German regions.

cute and unusual baby boy namesfd

Joey: Abbreviation of Joseph

Paul: Small- This one is famous among French people

Drew: Manly

Keegan: Son-A surname of Irish people

August: Grandeur and Dignity

Lukas: Brings light- A Swedish baby name for boys

cute and unusual baby boy namesdg

Simon: God has heard

Milo: Merciful- Aww, baby is going to be a sweetheart

Danny: God is judge

Pedro: Strong like a rock

Holden: From the hollow in valley

Travis: Crossroads and toll gate

Nemo: The man- Indeed, a famous cartoon character so you could be try with cartoon names for babies.

Nico: Victorious people

Mario: Hammer- woaah! The strong guy

Jay: To rejoice

Top 100 Cute and Unusual Baby Boy Names8

However, there are plenty of cute and unusual baby boy names with meanings and we have shared hundred names. apart from knowing  or deciding names for babies, parents should know how to take care of newborn baby. And this post shares simple and basic ways to take care of newborn baby. So, Now, choose from these names and let us know if you got more names to share with us.

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