15 Ways to Praise your Kids to boost up their Self Belief

It’s all about appreciation and what appreciation can do to a kid. Self-belief can let you achieve anything, it’s the foremost thing one should have and give as well. And when it comes to the kids, it’s our responsibility to praise the every moment of the kid to motivate him. No matter, where your kid is i.e. school, home, playschool and so on, there are moments when he can feel terribly down if nobody praises his effort. And at this age, a kid shouldn’t be so negative or low-confidence as there are goals in life he has to hit in the future. Here, you’ll know the values and ways to praise your kids to boost up their self belief.

Ways to Praise your Kids to boost up their Self Belief

Self-belief does not demand any kind of preaching instead a tight hug can do that so is your relationship with children. And especially a single working mother has lot to do about it.

Praise the effort:

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It’s always the will, intentions and hard-work that matters, results come later which is not even in our hands. Therefore, don’t miss a moment to praise your kids effort either it’s just about making bed or even his bookshelves.

Be specific while praising:

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You’re awesome, smart or amazing- don’t use such words to appreciate otherwise kid’s are going to take you for granted. Therefore, always be specific by mentioning the effort or the quality you like about your kid while praising.

Ignoring negativity is also praising:

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Despite motivating your kid for his good intentions and initiative, you have to avoid the negativity or the mistakes. A kid might afraid of you if he makes mistakes but doing so will surely suppress his self-esteem.

Consider hug as well:

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Yeah, at times, you might don’t have words for that small attempt of your kid but giving a smile or decent hug can cheer them up and inspire as well.

Limited praising is a must:

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That’s true, your heart may want to shower the blessings and appreciation to your kid but it could be overdo for kid. So, it’s your duty to measure your words and their quantity.

Tell them you Feel proud:

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Those small attempts of tiny hands always give you a smile on your face and eternal happiness as well. And you should not hide this feeling instead tell your smart kid that he makes you feel proud.

Take interest in their interests:

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Does your kid love decorating his doll house? Don’t ignore it instead go and hand him in this fun and moment-making task.

Respect their initiative:

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No matter whatever happens later or in the end of any task, all that matter is the courageous initiative kid took. And he truly deserves respect at this moment.

Praise him on dining table:

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This is the family time, right? Whatever you like about his abilities or the management quality, discuss and appreciate it on dining table with all family members. That’d double the motivation!

Give freedom to take decision:

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Call it an indirect way! As you know ways to praise your kids to boost up their self belief might sound you something that can be said on face but it’s not always. Just leave it to the kids to take tackle the situation or any task.

Speak about the task journey:

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Always keep them remember about the journey of their achievements i.e. when, why and how they started it and where are they now. This discussion will not only boost up their self belief but teach them self analysis lesson.

Display his artwork:

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Yeah, ask kid to gather all his drawing and craft work so that you can display them on wall or garden.

Tell him that everyone loves him:

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Your grandma loves you, your siblings really respect and care for you and are impressed for that habit or the hospitality you did- these specific compliments are sure shot boost up giver. Don’t miss a chance to say i love you my kid! 

Be friend with their friends:

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You’re going to be friendly with your child and win his heart if you praise his friend circle and friendships.

Be a kid with them:

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Do silly things with them, play in snow, get dirty, do mistakes and live freely with your kids. Sometimes you should live like them with them and this’d be a wonderful boost up charge.

Now, we are done with ways to praise your kids to boost up their self belief. And it’s your turn now to do the same. Feel free to share your ideas and ways in comment section.

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