6 Things Highly Successful People Do Differently Than Us

Admittedly, success is subjective. While some people might consider having a ton of money in the bank successful, others might focus more on making other people’s lives better to be more successful. Regardless of the end goal, success can be defined, in part, as a degree of contentment with what you have and what you do.

If you head over to the internet and study the routines of highly successful people, you’ll find many opinions on what worked for them and what didn’t. The internet itself is a fickle thing, if it’s working properly, then you can download books, read autobiographies, and look up quotes online with no problem. If it isn’t, then it only decreases your productivity and adds to your stress. That’s why you need a fast and dependable connection like Fidium Fiber internet to do whatever you’re doing without any interruption.

Here is our list of things that you need to do to be more successful in your life.

1.    Early to Bed, Early to Rise

This might come across as the cliché of clichés, but there is some wisdom behind this adage. Tom Corley, the author of a bestseller, Change Your habits, Change Your Life, conducted research involving more than 200 successful individuals. He also conducted a parallel study on a low-income group of individuals. The results indicated that more than 50% of the self-made millionaires got up very early than they were supposed to start work. On average, they got up 3 hours before reporting to work.

They would use this time to self-reflect, exercise, plan their day, tend to personal projects, and more. Since everything is quiet in the morning, you can focus more on the tasks at hand. You also have a lot of energy that can easily be translated into productivity.

2.    5/25 Rule

This rule originated from the billionaire Warren Buffet and gained a lot of traction because of its utility. He told this to his pilot, which eventually made its way to the public. The basic idea is to prioritize your tasks and reduce the clutter in your life.

So, the first thing is to write down 25 tasks that you want to do. This may exceed or fall short of 25, but that’s fine. The next step is to prioritize only 5 tasks out of those, which are extremely important to you. Then, you shelf the rest for later and focus on those 5 tasks only.

3.    No Multitasking

While you’re focusing on the top 5 things on your priority list, there’s another thing you should always remember. Humans can multi-task depending on their aptitude, skills, and the difficulty of the tasks at hand. However, there’s only so much you can do in terms of productivity. The best thing is to focus on one thing or goal at a time and do everything in service of that.

This allows your mind to fully absorb the problem and continue working on it in the background. Moreover, you are more likely to perform well when you direct your focus on one thing at a time.

4.    Be Patient

Have you ever heard the phrase, good things take time? That’s truer than you might realize. There is no shortcut to success and empires aren’t built overnight. Take Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, Google, and Facebook, for example. All of these businesses started on a small scale and faced many challenges before they could reach a point when they were valued at billions of dollars.

All you can do is consistently put down your best effort and wait patiently for it to yield results. While this might irk fans of instant gratification, delayed gratification is more rewarding in the long run.

5.    Pick up a Hobby

Hobbies are useful to boost your mental activity and provide a much-needed break from the same routine. You could pick anything as your hobby as it depends on your personal preference. However, if you could pick up a hobby that lets you unwind and add to your knowledge and skills, that would be super helpful.

Most successful people tend to read. Around 88% of the participants in Corley’s research said that they like to read in their spare time. They read history, self-help, and biographies because they thought they could learn a thing or two from other people’s experiences. Warren Buffet also cites reading as one of the most crucial habits that have contributed to his success.

6.    Don’t Ignore Self-reflection

When you’re out there chasing your dreams, it’s easier to lose track of other important things in life like yourself. This also includes your physical and mental health, relationships, and moral values. Therefore, it’s important to put aside some time for self-reflection and think back on what went right and wrong. This will let you control your future actions and become a better human being.


These are some of the habits of highly successful people that we should benefit from. Keep in mind that you can’t replicate a person’s life because no two humans think exactly alike. But you can set these habits as guidelines and tailor them to your specific needs. Best of luck.

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