How to build up friendly Relationship with your Teenage Kids

The moment you see your kids stepping to their teen-ages, their adolescence, it’s time to be friends with them. Since teenage kids have had proper care and love in childhood days and got everything even without asking, so, at this time they would obviously expect the same. But, meanwhile they start to observe life with another perspective and observations. Kids head for relationship outside and make friends, seek people to hang out and so on. Apart from that, in order to make healthy and happy relationship, parents need to know how to build friendly relationship with teenage kids.
build up friendly Relationship with your Teenage Kids8

Build up friendly relationship with your teenage kids

Since this is the age of 13-18 and so called as teen-ages and the peak time for making relationship with them. However, you might have provided the secure and healthy shadow to take care of new born kid. But, spending few hours with them and live like them, will surely be an initiative to make strong bond of relationship. But let’s know more relationship builders now.


build up friendly Relationship with your Teenage Kids1

Teenage kids have lot to ask and say, though they are not so mature to differentiate what to say or not so they lack that confidence and may be fear of hurting parents or make them angry. And let’s admit it happens and if this goes this way for much longer time, relationship would not be strong as it should be. So, just let them say, make friendly atmosphere and make them feel free to say and ask first.

Let’s friends with their friends:

build up friendly Relationship with your Teenage Kids2

This is the main issue usually in families, kids keep away their friends circle from parents as they might feel uncomfortable to share with parents. Therefore, be friends with their friends, invite their friends at home for dinner and spend some time with them, get familiar with them, laugh with them and so how your teenage kids will find that friendship zone in parents.

Confront their mistakes:

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If kids know and understand that parents will forgive their mistakes, then they will find it easy to confess mistakes. Parents, would you like to know if your kids has made a mistake and now trying to hide it from you and in future consequences goes worst if this goes this way consistently. And if they confess the mistake/s they did, they will learn a lesson from parents for upcoming problems in life. Make them feel that you are not hard-core heart and see the results.

Be friends but, establish boundaries:

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Well, life has everything bound to rules and disciplines, it has to if it has to lasts forever. Same happens in relationships, undoubtedly, you might have been a good buddy to your teen but they should know “what” and “what not” to do with relationship with parents. This will help them in learning, teaching and making happy bonding with adults and parents.

Share your experiences with them:

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Usually, parents might think of why to tell or share problems and experiences with teen kids and let them free this is not the age of knowing the problems and experiences you have had. But, the fact is, by sharing your experiences of good and bad days, you are not only making good emotional bond but also teaching them to be aware of another phases of life other than fun, hang-out, study and play. And, consequently teen would love to share their experiences and problems with you.

Make Tough conversations easy:

build up friendly Relationship with your Teenage Kids

At this stage, kids don’t understand what is right thing to opt and do and what could be the consequences of doing or following it. And if you find kids doing something unacceptable or inappropriate then don’t get panic or angry, just make the moment and humor first to make them ease and comfortable for what you are going to talk. And this talk or discussion could be on drink, drugs, sex and any other thing you need to. If they find their parents easy and calm to talk then the conversation is going to be worthy and effective.

Live their life style:

build up friendly Relationship with your Teenage Kids7

Yeah! My parents are cool, frank, sweet and humorous! Every kid wants to tell this to world and somewhere parents would love to know this if it happens. So, sometimes or on weekends, live the life style of your teen kids, do silly and funny things, organize party at home, plan a picnic where they want, go for dinner or movie they want to. Dress like the way they want to see their parents. Yes, sometimes, live the moments dedicated to teen kids. And this could be the very positively responding initiative towards kids.

This is the age of learning, exploring and laughing, kids do mistakes, take wrong steps, chose wrong way, fall and stand, laugh and cry, sometimes act stubborn kid to demand something but on the whole, this is obvious and natural, that’s what a teen kid do and it happens. Parents should accept that and then treat them the way of making loveable and friendly relationship. Parents, do share your experiences and tips to complete this post and let us know your suggestions in comment section.


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