5 Food Items necessary for Physical Growth of the Child

Did you know that the size of the brain of a kid gets required size in five years! Yes, and same exactly many other organs of the body has their significant and limited time to get into shape and strength. Just suppose, what if a kid has got brilliant and genius mind but he/she’s not with proper physical growth i.e. shape and size of legs and hands, bone structure and other things, it’d not be that easy to recover it. Therefore, it’s recommended to all parents around there to lookafter their children as in terms of what they feed the children.

Food items necessary for physical growth of the child

In order to nurture and feed the kids a healthy diet and nutrients you might miss some food items and spend lot of money on chocolates, ice creams and other junk foods. Stop doing it right now and add some healthy food items in their diet. Before moving ahead, check out the common disease about kids here.

As expected, nuts!

It’s all about energy, right! Nuts are full of energy and are also suggested for adult, pregnant women and from a kid to an adult man! Even though, the brain itself gains its size by the time, but when it comes to increase memory power, nuts are the best! Moreover, nuts are actually known for strength so consider dry fruits and nuts for the physical growth of the child.

Green vegetables are always there!

Yes, green vegetables are full of iron (that won’t make your kid iron man, wink!). Green vegetables posses essential nutrients that a human body needs and since it’s about the physical growth of the children, green vegetables (spanich, beans, mustard greens and so on) must be on top of the list.

Juicy fruits, but only seasonal!

Note- Either it’s any fruit or vegetable that your kid likes and love to eat whatever you make of it, it must be seasonal or else it won’t work that way. Yes, sometimes kids don’t like fruits or even a glass of fruit juice, but mothers are best in doing so. And anyhow, you got to feed your kids fruits like oranges, apple, banana and mangoes regularly.


Yeah! You can buy it from market but that’s not hundred percent pure and healthy, of course, how it could be since it had to go through various processes. But, if you luckily got it from milkman or someone who has a cow or buffalo pet, then you can easily have real milk that a child’s body needs. Milk, itself, is the complete diet!

Home-made food items!

Let’s admit and accept the fact that you can teach and tell about the benefits of fruits, vegetables and everything that is healthy for a kid but he/she won’t eat it easily. But, mommies do know the solution as they can make healthy vegetable soup, missed vegetable recipe or fruit salad, which looks yummy and interesting to kids so can be easily fed to them. Why don’t you check out the images of kids while eating food as they make funny faces sometimes.

That’s the fact, not every time you can buy or feed your kids the aforesaid items or any other healthy stuff, but, kids do love playful and tasty foods to eat so it’s recommended to cook or make at home instead of buying it from market. Parents, let us know what you think about this post and food items that we shared here.

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