40 Simple Doodle Art Ideas and Designs for Kids

Doodle- the name itself is quite exotic, entertaining and enticing so is one of the fascinating art forms in the world. You may find this near drawing and painting but is actually a bit far away from those art forms yet is fantastic art to enjoy, especially when you’re bored. You’d not deny saying doodling art form is becoming popular day by day, especially on social media as a trend at often times. And even Google doesn’t miss a chance to flaunt the homepage as you can always find something creative and catchy doodle there. And now, we got you simple doodle art ideas and designs for kids.

Simple Doodle Art Ideas and Designs for Kids

Simple Doodle Art Ideas and Designs for Kids

Yes, you can say it a kind of drawing but is not actually yet it demands your abstract imagination and thoughtfulness (when you want to craft something significant) otherwise this insane art does not need your consciousness. Here, check out some awesome abstract art ideas and examples.

Tangle art:

Yes, the design depicts triangles, quadrilateral and other designs emerging from different sides and edges. Moreover, you can consider this as an abstract art design or whenever you want to craft a painting project. Now, in order to bring this Doodle on paper, draw simple straight lines with dark black pen or marker in order to make it look like a tree so the lines can join the main straight line and then join the edges to each other to complete the shape. And don’t worry about the certain shape and design of all boxes let it be raw and natural. Now, once it’s done perform your color and painting artwork.

Doodle on lined paper:

The purpose behind using lined paper is that it can help you making circle easily and perfectly. Moreover, using a roll of tape can let you do that much better way. And in order to craft this mind-boggling doodle get a pencil and roll of tape and once it’s done, you can color it any way you want to. Consider this one as simple doodle art ideas and designs for kids.

Zentangle line design for kids:

Well, this is an art form that lets you learn a method of creating a significant design by repetitive pattern of lines and designs. Here, start with making a pattern of lines and then filling the boxes with red color will result you a fantastic Zen-tangle formation. And if you search the internet you will find the plenty of designs and DIY of making a Zen-tangle design, as it’s very easy for kids and beginners. Such kind of DIY art ideas is truly helpful and time killing option that one can have.

Superman symbol doodle:

Yeah! So, kids are going to love Superman symbol! And if your kids are fond of watching Superman movies and cartoons then you better assist them making Superman symbol doodle. As you can see, it starts with a simple square and then dividing it into four segments. Later on, add sharp red color to make it look realistic and inviting.

Doodle art for everyone:

Yes, not only for kids but also for everyone. Just get a drawing sheet and a cardboard to give it support and then draw a boundary by making four lines and then draw diagonals. Make sure to use a scale and keep the gap same in between the lines and diagonals. Now, at the center, draw a circle where all lines intersect each other. Now, color it like a dream come true. And before using colors you better know some tips and tricks.

Here, we have shared simple doodle art ideas and designs for kids for the sake of art and art lovers. Now, it’s your turn to contribute your feedback and art examples in the comment section and make sure to share this post with pals and art lovers.

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