5 Questions Parents Should Answer Before Buying A Car Seat

A lot is often discussed about the safety standards and the right kind of car seat for kids. Plenty of information is available on the internet that makes the buying process a cakewalk. However, whether you are buying a car seat at Mother’s Choice for a 4 year old or an infant, you need to consider several other factors. These include your budget, car size, family plans, lifestyle, and preferences.

Apart from questioning the seller about the quality of the baby seat, you also have to question yourself to get clarity on what you exactly need. Here are a few questions that would make your decision easier and more accurate.

For how many months or years do you want to use the seat?

Ideally, you should use a rear-facing seat as long as possible as it provides optimum safety to the child. However, these cannot be used once your baby grows beyond the specified weight limits.

A smarter idea would be to buy a convertible seat. These can be changed into forward-facing ones when required and eliminates the need to purchase a new one as the baby grows. The newer convertible models also provide extended rear-facing usage for greater safety.

How much space do you have in your car for the seat?

Car seats come in different sizes and models. Some of the models take more space than others and are suitable only for bigger cars. If you have a smaller car, these models can be a tight squeeze and make the child uncomfortable. Also, other passengers sitting next to the baby seat may have an uncomfortable time traveling in the car. For those reasons, you should measure the space in your car and buy a seat that delivers comfort to the kids and fellow passengers.

Is one seat enough or do you need more?

Often, parents drive separate cars and would need a seat for each vehicle, doubling the expenses. In such a scenario, you can slash down your expenses by purchasing one seat that is lightweight and easy to install and uninstall. This will help you make the switch easier between the cars. If you are buying a seat that is installed with a base, you can purchase two bases instead of two car seats.

Would you prefer a portable seat?

A common practice is to install the baby car seat in the car and leave it stationary for as long as the baby uses it. If you have multiple cars, you might like the seat to be portable. Portable seats allow you to carry the baby in the seat while taking a walk or attach it to a stroller. You can choose from the seats that are lighter, smaller, and designed with a comfortable handle for ergonomic carrying.

Do you want the seat to be stroller compatible?

If you are more likely to move around with your baby, having a seat that is stroller-compatible is important. A smarter solution is to purchase a complete travel system. A majority of travel systems are a combination of a stroller and a car seat. The seat can be easily attached using a one-click connection or an adaptor. Buying the combination also makes the system more affordable.

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