5 Best Ways to Make Your Prom Memorable

Promenade is one of the most awaited events during high school days. This could be one of the most unforgettable and most extraordinary occasion for a junior or a senior student. With that being said, she could already be starting to prepare all the things she would be needing as early as Christmas.

Best Ways to Make Your Prom Memorable

What makes it unforgettable?

A Detailed Preparation

The very long preparation. Ten years from now, you will be getting married and will be thinking of preparing all the needed stuff just in six months. It will soon be a flashback to you about how you have been preparing for your promenade and will keep laughing at yourself how could you prepare for a very long time just for your beautiful prom dress. You will end up telling the whole story to your groom and your bridesmaids which would make the atmosphere alive even if you are all getting a bit stressed for your wedding’s preparation.

Someone you Treasure

Bring someone special. As this event happens only once or twice a lifetime, sharing the experience with someone you treasure would make it remarkable. You might choose to invite your parents because you wanted them to experience what a promenade is like, as well as, you wanted to show them what a beautiful princess they have. Imagine how proud your parents would be for inviting them to see you with your glamorous red prom dress.


Cherish the dances. You might be waiting for a chance to dance with your crush, or maybe with your instructor. While the dance floor is open, it may be a bit awkward to ask him but with your fabulous looks and your gorgeous red prom dress, you can ask him for a dance. He won’t be able to say No for dancing with a beautiful princess. It could also be memorable if you will be able to dance with one of your instructors. This would soon be part of your memories which you will always go back to.

The Crown

Aim of the crown. With all the preparations, including the dress, makeup, and accessories, every girl wants to be awarded the Queen of the Night or the Princess of the Promenade or whatever the awards available, which would be very unforgettable. Whilst wearing the crown, everyone is going to be taking photos which will end up being published on your school newspaper, making you a campus crush. The crown will always remind you of that promenade even as you graduate from high school. Every time you see the crown on your Teddy bear’s head in your room, there will always be a smile painted on your face of how that amazing promenade was.

Photos and Videos

Capture every candid moment throughout the night. You can take photos from the time you are dressed up, arrival at the venue with the beautiful background at the entrance, the entourage or the entrance, the dance, as well as, the awarding. If you are taking photos after the event it would be best if you take photos with the best backgrounds, like having the stage as your background as the stage would show what the occasion is. Also, take close up photos with your best friends so your beauties will be seen on the prints.

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