Career Perception as Cartoonist and Animator

Cartoonist is an artist who works and specializes in making cartoons. The main job of being a cartoonist is to create comic characters, objects, animated pictures or any type of editorial cartoons. A cartoonist develops a quality of sketching and making replica of pictures by using the art of brushes or even technology. Sometimes cartoonist can even put thoughts in the form of cartoon characters by using blank ink or colors. Cartoonist can work for media channels, newspapers, magazines and electronic media.

Career Perception as Cartoonist and Animator  1-001

Career Perception as Cartoonist and Animator

Careers and Exploration

Cartoonist needs to know how to create the images based on any type of topic. If the work is for animation, then the number of cartoon images would be made for the purpose of animation. Number of cartoonists also works for animation movies and presentations. There are varieties of animations are necessary in the animation industry, television, online and even in video games where there is a huge demand as Cartoonist and Animator.

Air Force cartoonist publishes book while deployed

• The actual images are first made on paper and then animations are performed.
• In ever so demanding field of Advertisement and Publicity, Cartoonist are always in high demand because of they are creative people and sense of everything.
• Even the IT industry and web industry also have many opportunities for cartoonists.

Knowledge for Cartoonist

Cartoonists need to know about the principle of graphics and fine art. The Career Perception as Cartoonist and Animator can go beyond what the principle of graphics says. Making cartoons and images is a skill, hobby and profession and the practice often for make them better every time.

• They have such idea and thoughts that can be utilized for society. Many cartoonists are well educated and known in fine art, graphics design and many of them know how to use advanced software like Photoshop’s and animations.
• They come across many experiments to explore many creativity and ideas during studies and workshops.
• Many competitive environments might have helped a lot for career building and reorganizations.

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To be a cartoonist you need to adapt and understand the art of cartooning. You need to practice and gain knowledge of principle of graphics, situational expression etc. to improve the skill set of a cartoonist. You should study a Bachelor of fine art and graphics design as a professional qualification. During your studying you will come across many experiments to explore many creativity and ideas. In a competitive environment many artistic students can share many knowledge and experience and opportunities come around.

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Exceptional Skills

Cartoonists have some exceptional ideas and perception that help them to create unique cartoons. All cartoonists have a specific cartoon character that come on each theme as the actor.

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• They have ideas on graphics, computer workstations and software tool etc.
• They have sense of quality and compatibility that need for each production.
• They learn from each event, person and situation.
• They love to under an excellent cartoonist who teaches and better than him.
• They have various ideas on commercial utility of cartoons, application of cartoons in game designers and advertising sector.
• They work in the Animation industry.

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Cartoonists can develop the art while working with some of the advanced technologies and understand the tools and techniques required to enhance the art of cartooning. There is no limitation to the Career perception of Cartoonist and Animator, one can explore more by developing necessary skills with talent.

Career as Animator

Numbers of careers are available for the young and budding artists and many jobs are available in the market especially as an Animator. Nowadays students have different opportunities to work in the college and universities and start developing the art of animation.

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• Courses are now available for 2 dimensional and even 3 dimensional modeling, animations, computer graphics etc.
• Students can easily learn this art and skills of working in such programs and even adapt them further to create projects in animation industry and can get hired by some of the best known companies in India.
• The important thing about animation industry is that there is a huge demand for right talent and with some good education and networking; students can get a good job of being an animator for various houses and industries. Even best anime movies could not have such a huge success without animators work.

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You can create number of background effects, lightning effects and even learn how to create visual effects. The growth in the field of animations and special effects is unlimited and even the possibilities are numerous. All you need to do is set your focus on this field and start developing the right skills required for this job. The more you learn in the field and with interest, you can easily get a good job anywhere in the market as a cartoonist or as an animator. From the Career Perception as Cartoonist and Animator, all you need to do is develop interest and skills with talent.

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