6 Useful Discipline And Parenting Techniques To Follow

Parenting has become quite the buzz word these days, but what does it actually mean? And, most important, how does it work? Parenting is a strategic method based on the idea that your relationship with your children is the most important thing in the world and how you can help your children develop self-discipline. You need to see that your children follow discipline rules and respect others, not because of fear, but from the deep core of their heart.

If you’re looking for effective discipline and parenting techniques for children that really work, then this post will definitely help you. Believe me, you don’t have to punish children to inculcate discipline in them! That’s something so horrible, many parents do. Here are some techniques that you must learn to develop self-discipline in your child while being a positive parent. Take a look –

Discipline And Parenting Techniques

Offer Choices

Give your kids choices, instead of commands! The choice empowers the kids to try new things and they become use to it. But, remember not to give such choices to your child which you cannot abide by. The choices has to be simple – just asking them how they want to do something is an effective way to divert their attention. For ex – you can ask, do you want to play with toys or try clay-molding activity first?

Teach Emotions

Teaching your kids how to express emotions is not that difficult as it seems! At the childhood stage, kids are not able to comprehend what’s going on around them. So, creating a simple emotions chart is a superb way to make them understand what you are trying to say. For older children, try to enrich their emotional vocabulary by teaching new words.

Reward Good Behavior

This discipline and parenting technique works at any stage your child is in! If your child has shown good behavior or done something which you can’t imagine, then as a parent reward him, so that he feels encouraged to repeat the same behavior in the future. For example – you can give a pat on his shoulder, speak kind words, or compliment him. However, bribing kids should be avoided. This act gives kids a chance to learn how to manipulate their parents and take advantage of their love? Always tell kids to do good things to gain good points.

Introduce Time Outs

Think positively and deeply when it’s the question of changing your child’s behavior. To get out of your child from a problematic situation, introducing time-outs seems to be the best idea. Hide in some boring and quiet place and ignore your child until he or she is calm and cool. But, your time-outs shouldn’t last longer than five minutes. Once your child is calm, ask what the problem was and why he/she was misbehaving? This helps your child in recognizing his/her feelings. Yelling will only widen the gap between you and your child.  

Avoid Shaming  

Words or phrases like – ‘don’t behave like a baby’, ‘you’re so dirty’, ‘why you don’t listen to me’, etc. create a shaming effect on your child’s mentality and makes him feel bad. When you keep on repeating such words, the child absorbs this and behave aggressively.  So, this becomes one of the most interesting discipline and parenting techniques to protect your child’s self-esteem. Make them realize the wrong things, without inducing feelings of shame.

Don’t Tolerate Violence

The only way to treat your children’s anger is to address it in the right way. Don’t use violence. Look for possible triggers ad engage them in role-playing exercises to help them understand what to do when something frustrates them. Besides this, if you’re repeatedly getting complaints from your child’s school about violent behavior, take your child to a counselor immediately. Such kind of bad behavior is a warning sign for you that your child needs professional help. If you’re still on the fence about counseling, this article will clarify all your doubts regarding mental health counseling, it’s aspects, and the cost of various programs.

It’s quite obvious when parenting becomes challenging – we often find ourselves alone and look for the perfect solutions to stop our child from misbehaving in front of others. Don’t you sometimes wish you had a remote control to stop your child’s stupid behavior with the click of a button? We bet, these discipline and parenting techniques will help your child learn acceptable behavior as they grow.

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