12 DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Cozy

Summer is almost here, it’s high time to take care of your garden! Especially during hot days, a well-organized garden can be a real salvation. Moreover, it can also be a good energy investment, solar pond aerator can help with that. Garden should be your little asylum where you can relax after work, hang out with friends, prepare barbeque dinner with family and much more. By making some simple arrangements you can bring up an amazing vibe to it.

Garden furniture can be really pricey and hard to store during winter. If you have a limited budget, it’s a good idea to use your creativity and make something by yourself. There are many ways to organize the garden without spending a lot of money. All you need is an arrangement plan and a big dose of enthusiasm. Here you can find some really simple eye-catching ideas to make your garden look cosy.

DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Cozy

Pallet furniture

Probably the most common and definitely the most effective way to make your garden look outstanding! Pallet furniture is super cheap, easy to make, and really good for the eye. You can paint it any color you want, decorate with pillows or blankets. Then add aroma candles and plant some flowers around and enjoy your own cozy garden spot. Pallet furniture is nothing worse than the pricey furniture from the store. 

Flower wall cover

Flowers always add good vibes no matter in which form they are presented. If you have an old, mossy and wall, use it. First, partially clean the wall from the moss, then put a picture frame on the wall, making accent on the rest of the moss. You will make a living art from your wall. Another simple thing is decorating the wall with many colourful flowers. If you have an artistic eye, maybe you can create an image from specific plants’ colours. You can also make 3D graffiti with living plants as details. Imagine a beautiful woman’s face with the hair made of moss. It’s time to bring your creativity to another level.

Hang lamps and flowers on your pergola

Pergolas are often underestimated with their decorating potential. If you want your garden to look cosier, make it green and light it up. Small shining lamps around will certainly warm up the overall look. Hanging flower beds with local or exotic plants on your pergola will create the little jungle site where you can hide from the world.

Tree Stump Planters

If you for some particular reason had to say goodbye to your old tree, you can keep the memory of it by turning the stump into a beautiful planter. The only hard thing is the drilling process. You need to make a hole in the stump in order to be able to plant your flowers. Then you can arrange it any way you want by mixing plants and flower colours, maybe adding some ornaments?

Furniture decoration

If you have some old furniture you want to throw away, better think twice. Such elements can become extraordinary decorations to your garden. Imagine an old closet with cracked paint and curvy drawers. Open the drawers and plant some flowers inside. Let the furniture get overgrown with ivy and moss and create a magical, cosy vibe in your garden.

Hammock chill-out zone

I think everybody’s dream is to hang the hammock in the garden. For many people, it seems to be too difficult or impossible to find the perfect spot. I’m here to prove you wrong. Making up your own DIY hammock can be easy and fun. An old beach towel or a blanket can make a great base of it. Follow the steps on the guide and create your own, unique chill-out zone. Then just roll up in your hammock and relax in your lovely garden.

Paint your flowerpots

Flower pots usually have natural, basic colours to properly highlight the colour of the plant. If you prefer to spice up the look of your garden a little and play with mixed colours, the great idea is to paint your flowerpots. Pictures, rainbows, many shades of blue, Celtic ornaments, house number or a funny inscription. The choice is endless and the result is great. It will surely make your garden cosy.

Old is gold

If you have some old, bad-looking stuff, look at them kindly and imagine how beautiful they would look all surrounded by greens. Planting flowers inside of

wheelbarrow, chest, rusty watering can make an ideal look and a unique style of your garden arrangement.

The bottom line

The DIY ideas on how to decorate the garden are endless. It all depends on your creativity and willingness to work. Remember that the greatest thing you can do is to bring up the unused stuff to life. Admit how many unnecessary things you keep in the closet. Bring them out and make your garden totally unique.

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