Effective Role of Cartoon in Advertisement Sector

Cartoon is a perfect example of a drawing capable of showcasing creative thinking. And a great perception line of both reality and fantasy world and that’s what tends people to learn cartoon character sketches. Cartoons can well express all the aspects of life varying from satire, comedy, eroticism and serious drama. With just a powerful cartoon the cartoonist is well able to convey and express the entire idea. People have invariably linked cartoons with childhood and cartoons are a perfect source of fun any fantasy for kids. Now-a-days, the role of cartoons has changed Topsy turvy. Apart from spreading fun and humor cartoons have also been used in the marketing and advertisement sector to give away a message or to promote a brand. This strategy of advertisers has proved to be effective because of the reasons as given below.

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Role of Cartoon in Advertisement Sector

Visual Treat for Viewers and Readers

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Cartoons are a visual treat for the viewers. The entertainment quotient in the cartoons is high. Thus, people are able to connect with them easily.

  • When a company associates a brand or product with a cartoon people enjoy that visual advertisement and start developing a liking for the product or service.
  • Thus, with cartoons the multiple objectives of entertainment and a message is given away to the audience.

Perfect Engaging Dose

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Cartoons are highly engaging for the people. The cartoons are generally meant to attract the kids and are used largely in the products that are associated with the kids.

  • Of late, there is an advertisement about Complan Nutri Grow, doing rounds on the TV. This advertisement has a funny and catchy song associated with it.
  • When the kids see such advertisements they associate the product with the cartoon and the song.
  • Thus, they in turn develop a want or a greed for the product. And when kids demand the product parents can barely disagree.

Humor always Rules

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Cartoons are funny, wacky and humorous. A lot of times they are designed to give people a good laugh and thus push them a bit to get hold of the product or service. With humor a sense of reliability for the product is developed.

  • Remember, the humorous Vodafone Zoozoos AD? There were multiple Zoozoo ads shown on television.
  • Each AD was funny but the purpose of every ad was to raise the popularity of Vodafone.
  • These ads were instantly liked by the people and indeed boost up in strengthening the clientele base of Vodafone. People started connecting Vodafone instantly with Zoozooo.

Long Lasting effect

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Cartoons have a lasting impact on the minds of the audience and kids are fond of learning cartoon drawings. And not just cartoons everything that gives away a message in a pleasing manner does have a lasting impact. People begin to associate the advertisement or the brand with the cartoon itself.

  • For example the chubby young girl in Amul has stayed with it ever since the brand started promoting itself. This has become the mascot of Amul and people now associate Amul with that mascot.
  • If anywhere, somebody sees that mascot they would be able to identify that the product or service has some direct or indirect connection with Amul. Thus, cartoon creates a niche in the memory of the audience.

Associating a cartoon with a product or service and showcasing it in the form of advertisement has just one purpose and i.e. to make the advertisement catchy. If the advertisement is catchy people will feel associated with that advertisement and in longer run that brands or product or service and will go up in the market looking for the product. Thus, with the sole use of a cartoon mascot in the advertisement is to boost up the popularity and sales of the product.

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