Exploring the Funny Side of Gardening and Green Life

As a parent or guardian, you’re always searching for films that entertain and educate your children. It’s even better when these movies connect on-screen learning with outdoor experiences, serving as complementary educational tools. While there are many children’s films with an environmental message, some also encourage a green thumb. Help kids learn how to make your life more eco-friendly in a fun and playful way. Check out our list of popular kids’ movies about seeds, plants, and sustainability!

What kid movies have an environmental theme?

While it can be hard to find what movie talks about the environment, at least in a positive way. But there are many films in which, due to human negligence and greed, floods, earthquakes, and other disasters occurred. These include The Day the Earth Stood Still, Don’t Look Up, Ragnarok, and others. This suggests that everyone feels how much the resources of the Earth have been exhausted and how precarious the situation of humanity is.

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#1 Bee Movie

Have you seen the Bee Movie from 2007? It’s all about those buzzing little bugs we know as bees! These amazing insects aren’t just important for community gardens and urban farms, but they play a vital role in the health of our entire planet. And let me tell you, besides Jerry Seinfeld’s hilarious and sarcastic voice acting, this movie sends a powerful message. It’s even used in school worksheets, asking students to think about how pollination is portrayed in the film and what would happen if we lose our precious bees. So, why not grab some popcorn and have a movie night with your kids? Take some notes and create your own worksheet to teach them about the significance of bees in local gardening programs and how we can protect them all year round. And if you’re itching to learn more about the current state of bees and why we must take action now, make sure to check out our guest blog post by the fantastic Asha Mior, a contributor from the Huffington Post. Happy bee-keeping!

#2 The Lorax

Hey there! Before sustainability became a popular millennial hashtag, Dr. Seuss dropped a bombshell in 1971 with his book “The Lorax,” sending a clear message to young readers about the importance of taking care of our planet. It’s all about eco-lessons, folks! Jumping to 2012, “The Lorax” hit the big screen, delivering a message that has never been more relevant. The connection between wrecking our environment (especially plants and trees) and the impact on our ability to sustain ourselves is front and center. On a fictional planet, the absence of plant life leads to Thneedville, where people actually buy breathable air. Yep, you read that right! And forget about fresh produce – breakfast, lunch, and dinner consist of artificial gelatinous molds. Say goodbye to the seed-to-table concept, until our young hero, Ted Wiggins, embarks on a quest to unravel the mystery behind the missing plants and trees. It’s a wild ride of storytelling and shenanigans, but he ultimately ends up with the last seed. His mission? Guard that seed, plant it, and see what sprouts! Trust me, “The Lorax” will make your kids giddy about seed preservation and sustainable gardening/farming. It’s a timeless tale with a powerful message!

#3 Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest

So, back in 1992, FernGully made its debut and quickly became a classic in the world of children’s movies. Now, let me tell you, this movie is no ordinary flick. It’s all about sustainability and, believe it or not, it features fairies as the main characters. But here’s the thing, fairies or not, the theme is sadly all too common – the destruction of rainforests. Guess what? The power of the fairy’s magic, along with some help from her forest friends, causes Hexxus to transform back into a tree. Magic, I tell you! And then, they retrieve that enchanted seed, plant it, and long story short, everyone learns some valuable lessons (even the lumberjacks) that help put an end to the rainforest destruction. Isn’t it amazing how one teeny-tiny seed can save a whole community? I bet by the end of the movie, kids will be running right out the door to their backyards or community gardens, ready to make a difference. So, get ready to be inspired and take action after those credits roll!


There are plenty of movies out there that convey powerful messages about the significance of sustainability and environmental conservation. These films will ensure that your kids understand why it’s crucial to take care of our planet and appreciate the value of bees, trees, and plants for our future. Moreover, these flicks offer an enjoyable method to educate young minds about the impact we have on our environment.

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