Get Solar Power In Your Home Without Installing Solar Panels

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular with families across the United States — around 13.5 million homes around the country use solar energy, and this figure is expected to double in the next five years. Not only does adopting a renewable energy source like solar help the environment, but it can also lower electricity bills and maintenance costs. When it comes to implementing solar power in your home, you have plenty of options that don’t have to involve installing solar panels on your roof. 

Backup power

A solar backup generator is a useful device to have in the house; it provides a reliable power source if the grid goes down, and it can be taken on RV or camping trips. For example, the Tesla Powerwall is an innovative lithium-ion rechargeable battery that stores energy during periods of low energy rates and uses the stored energy when energy prices start to rise — therefore saving you valuable money. It’s a standalone, waterproof device that can be attached to either the floor or walls and can be used for short-term backup power and EV charging.

Solar lights

Solar lighting lets you install lighting in remote areas without access to an electrical grid — no expensive solar panel required. With outdoor solar lights, you can quickly produce lighting anywhere you need it around your garden. Standalone outdoor solar lights come with their own solar panel, bulb and battery. They use the sunlight to charge during the day in order to provide lighting for up to 12 hours in between charges. Mason jar solar lights, in particular, can create a magical ambience loved by both children and adults. Alternatively, solar-powered motion sensor lights can effectively work as outdoor security lights. As they only switch on when movement is detected, these lights save energy while strengthening security.  

Solar power plug

Solar power plugs are compact, portable items that provide you with a charging outlet for electronic devices. Ideally, they should be mounted on walls or windows in sunny locations where they can easily absorb solar energy and convert it into electricity. You can then connect your phone or laptop charger (or any low-voltage electronic) to the plug to charge your device.

Solar power can provide your home with an extra power source and save money on electricity bills. Backup generators, solar lights, and solar power plugs are innovative and effective solar devices that are easy to install and use for homeowners.

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