Helpful Tips For Moving To A New Home Or Apartment

Whether you are downsizing or relocating to a new city, moving can be quite stressful. Most people just don’t realize how much they have accumulated over the years living in one place. The entire process can be complicated by opinions from family members as to what you should keep and what you should donate or sell. So, if you’re looking for apartments for rent in Atlanta ga or any other place, then, you must consider these points in advance.

Six Tips For Making Your Move Easier

1. Begin cleaning out the clutter as soon as you know you are moving.

One of the most frustrating things about moving is realizing you have taken items with you that you don’t want or need anymore. Plan what furniture you will no longer want in your new location and clean out the clutter and decide what you want to sell or donate. A storage unit rental can be very helpful if you need to store items temporarily while making your move, especially if you are downsizing to one place and then moving to another, like when building a new home.

2. Work at least an hour a day on packing.

The job of moving is already overwhelming, and it’s a mistake to think you can pack it all up in a day or two. You will need a number of days to organize and decide what to pack. It helps when you take one room at a time and complete its packing. This will also help you feel as if you are accomplishing your goal.

3. Purchase boxes for your move.

Many people tend to go the route of gathering used boxes from grocery and other stores. These boxes tend to be more trouble than they are worth. Often they are damp and dirty while lending toward falling apart. Your local storage facility will have all the moving supplies you need including inexpensive boxes which will be much better for your move while keeping your items dry and safe.

4. Use a different packing label color for each room.

People who move frequently will be familiar with this tip. You will not only want to use varied colored labels, but colored tape as well. You can mark each room in your new home or apartment with the colored tape, and you or your movers will automatically know which box to move into which room.

5. Pack breakables together and mark them as fragile.

Taking a little extra time to pack breakable items together with paper and some other form of cushion, will save you time and stress in the long run. Also marking the boxes as fragile will remind your movers, whether they are paid help or helpful friends, that they are handling breakable items.

6. Take the extra time to make photos of accessories and furniture.

With larger pieces of furniture, you will want to secure the drawers and doors before the move. Label what goes back to that piece of furniture and have a picture showing what it should look like when complete. Accessories like electronics can also benefit from photos to remember exactly how the cords should go once the item is set up in your new home. Pack cords and other items with the electronics and attach them so they stay with the item.

The more prepared you are before packing, the more smoothly your moving process will go. You and your family will be so happy when everything is organized and ready to unpack in your new home.

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